Avoiding Conflict - What sets you off?

Conflict is not all bad, as resolving them helps clear the air in a relationship, and the couple could develop resolution skills that may come in handy even in other parts of their life. However, some conflicts are just so unnecessary. At the end of the day, you begin to ask yourself, what was that about sef? And do you know the funny thing? You may not even have an answer!

I know what sets me off sometimes, and that awareness ensures I catch myself before I allow my inner turmoil affect the cozy atmosphere around me. Other times, it hits me from the blind side. Like the other day, Atala was frying plantain and I was washing up in the bathroom, by the time I came out, one set of plantains were in the bin. He'd let them burn. I didn't find it funny.

When he noticed my sudden sour mood, he asked me a simple question that when I thought about it, was like a pin in my 'how can you let food waste like that' balloon. He said something along the lines of, I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Haven't you ever had a food accident before? And since we've been living and cooking together so long, of course he know the answer :)

So I got off my high horse. What ever it was that set me off was not really worth it. But it was a teaching moment as I had to think on what had happened to pinpoint the trigger.

How about you, do you usually know what causes the conflict you have with others? Any pet peeves?