Are Men Willing to Wait till Marriage?

A lot of the posts I have shared on this blog on celibacy and abstinence, both for personal or religious reasons, have been mostly focused on women. Someone sent me a Dear Myne post, asking how to find true love as she is celibate. Another sent in a comment that some men who will accept to abstain from sex with their women are often not interesting.

The articles I have written on this issue are more middle of the road, taking both genders into account, either as singles, or as people in a relationship.

One question that hasn't been really tackled here, and which I found while looking through the search phrases for my blog is the title of this post. Are men willing to wait till marriage? I know for certain that some men are, the question for the ladies may be, where are they and are they enough?

One could be glib and say, go to church and you'll find the celibate men, but this may not necessarily be true. A lot of Christian men, even in church, are having sex either with fellow church members or with non-Christians. So one has to decide what they are looking for, self control is the common denominator if you ask me. Whether in church or out, I say there are men willing to wait for sex till marriage.

Since it seems it's mostly women that are worried about the celibacy issue, I have one suggestion. Don't be so hung up on your abstinence that it defines you and every relationship you go into. Relax a bit, talk about other things, be rounded and versatile, find things to do that will get you and your partner out of the house or bedroom and try to be active.

That way, maybe before you know it, you and your beau would have bonded and he is ready to wait for you and follow you anywhere.

For some more details, you may want to check out this post on tips for young singles and couples who want to remain celibate. And then there was the controversial discussion that followed my views on premarital sex and the mature single.

What are your thoughts?

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