Emmys Red Carpet - Couple Love

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin

I watched the Emmys show live on TV last week but missed the red carpet. Just saw some pictures online and of course, the couples stood out to me. Some are married, dating, engaged, long-time couple, etc. Enjoy :)

Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes - Married

John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt - Dating 15 years

Kat Deninng and Nick Zano - Dating

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman - Married

Kelli Garner and Johnny Galecki - Dating

Melissa Mccarthy and Ben Falcone - Married

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - Married
Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossi - Married

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian - Engaged

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

I'd heard their song on radio but saw them for the first time at the Olympics Closing. They remind me of the boy bands of when I was younger, and I can just imagine why they're so popular. I had a crush myself on Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Westlife. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Why Men Fall in Love at First Sight

In the blog asking those that believed in love at first sight, most of the women did not believe in it. I got some comments from men both here and on Facebook and more of them do believe in love at first sight and had actually experienced it. The commenters who went on to elaborate what they thought of the idea tried to tease out the difference between love and lust and that seems to be the key to the difference in how men and women percieved love.

According to a Match.com singles study;

men are actually more likely than women to report falling for their partner after just one glance. 30% of men say they have fallen in love at first sight, while only 21% of women report the same. One reason for this is that lust and love are more immediately intertwined for men than they are for women. Men are visual creatures when it comes to sexual attraction, and they are programmed to have a strong, visceral response to mates they find attractive.

While women also search for attractive mates and physically respond to guys they find sexy, they do not always associate love and lust the same way that men do. Think of it this way: “Men fall in love at first sight, women fall in love at first insight.” In other words, in order to catch and keep a woman’s attention, a man needs more than just a fit body or a great smile. Women are also looking for a great sense of humor, kindness, and a charming personality….a six-pack is just a bonus!

Source: Match.com

How to Remove the Blogger Word Verification

I know I'm not the only one who finds this word verification frustrating, the picture above sparked this post. I've seen other posts and comments calling on bloggers to take it out. Especially with the the new word verification captcha system that has two words, and sometimes even numbers in a box! On a few occasions, it takes me 2 or 3 tries to get it right and I've even lost one or two comments because I couldn't get it right or I decided to move on and leave no comment.

It was only a few days ago I realized it might not be easy for some new and not so frequent bloggers to work out how to remove the word verification.

For those who are wondering why they should be concerned about removing the word verification, or who actually want to leave it on, consider this;

- Unless you are blogging for yourself and have completely disabled commenting, you may be blogging to build community. But if the discussion is only one way, what's the gain? Word verification reduces the chances of someone leaving a comment on your blog and by changing the setting, you will be attracting more readers and comments.

- If one of your aims of blogging is to earn some income, then you may want to know that comments increase traffic via repeat visits to your blog. People leave comments and then come back to read any replies and other comments.

OK, I can hear you asking, so how do you remove this thing?

1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Click "Settings" by the left lower side

3. Click "Posts and Comments" in the options that drop down

4. Scroll down until you see "Show word verification"

5. Click on the arrow by the side and Select "No"

6. That's it. Thank you.

Read more HERE

How To Show Nigerian Love - Elnathan John

Elnathan John writes some amazing satire and when I read this, I just knew I has to share. Enjoy!
To quote D’Banj, “love is a beautiful thing”.

I have not met the man, but I know he meant Nigerian love, which is a species totally different from the heresy practised by oyibo people in the name of love. Our love is not of short-lived flowers and long meaningless walks in the park. As a person dedicated to your hustle, I have undertaken to provide wisdom that will protect you from falling into such heresies.

This is how to show Nigerian love.

Nigerian love is pragmatic. Words are a waste of time. Every true Nigerian knows how little the words ‘I love you’ mean. Except of course you are in Europe and need to quickly marry someone to get residency. Nigerian love is a very material concept. When you hear rich couples attend events and say those nebulous words, ‘I love you’ to each other, what they do not tell you is how they really say it. God will judge them for trying to mislead new couples.

Cook for your man. Nigerian wives know this already. But lovers need to learn: A thousand words cannot work the magic of one pot of egusi soup, complete with meat, ‘assorted’ and okporoko. Present it steaming with semovita or if you can, pounded yam. You will not need to say anything. He will wear a smile that says ‘I know you love me’. His friends, on learning that the wondrous dish was made by you, will proclaim, ‘O boy! Dis girl like you well well o’. In Nigerian pidgin, to like ‘well well’ is to love practically and ‘o’ as an intensifier for ‘well-well’ has no real English equivalent. The closest I can say is that it means love to a superlative degree.

Cooking for him entitles you to show your love in another very important way: checking his phone. So, you have cooked for him and he has shown his gratitude by sweating profusely and promptly falling asleep on your couch. This is the time to dive for his phone and read all his text messages. You will find something. If you don’t, go through his call records- you are likely to find calls to or from an Amaka after he said he needed to rest last night. Whether you choose to further show your love by harassing him about it immediately, or choose to hold on it as part of your arsenal during your next big quarrel is up to you. You know what works best for your man.

Loving Nigerian men always pay. There is no exception to this rule.  Not even if she has watched plenty DSTV and pretends that she wants to split the bill. If a Nigerian girl offers to pay reject it like Jesus rejected Satan’s evil temptation with bread. Don’t even act like it is a discussion. Ignore her attempts at checking her purse and quickly settle the bill. This is true love. This also applies if she is out with one, two or three friends. Whether you choose to show your love quietly, by excusing yourself and going to settle the enormous bill, or with panache, by screaming, ‘How much is MY bill?’ is up to you. You know what works best for your woman.

As a loving Nigerian woman, never ask who his female friends are. Even if you find him in a compromising situation with a woman who refuses to greet you. Nigerian love ignores such things. It makes excuses on his behalf- she may be his colleague, business partner or member of his prayer group. Nigerian love is good like that. This doesn’t however mean that you can do the same. Nigerian love has very gender specific rules. They do not apply both ways.  The only exception to this rule is if the Nigerian man does not ‘pay’.

Deny her the company of any male who is not her relative. This is important. In Nigeria, a jealous man is a loving man. If she is on the phone, watch her demeanour. If she is excited, ask her who it is. By ‘who?’ you mean all the details- name, gender, nature of relationship, process and length of acquaintance, subject of conversation, the whole works. She knows this. You own the franchise of her happiness and no other man is allowed to make her laugh on the phone. If you fail to do this, even she will begin to doubt your love. You cannot afford to let this to happen.

Never ever, as a Nigerian man do stupid things like go into the kitchen to cook. This is forbidden territory. Not even if you are starving and she is on the bed complaining of cramps. There is no better way to truncate your romantic hustle than doing the dishes after she has spent hours making your favourite dish. This is like jumping into a river with concrete slab tied to your neck. There is no recovery from it. God will judge all the foreign film makers who have introduced the dangerous illusion of this being a romantic thing. In fact when you answer the door and it is your neighbour asking if you have a baking tin or big pot, vehemently deny knowledge of anything that goes on in the kitchen and ask her to hold on for your woman. It will be a tragedy for you to introduce doubts about your masculinity in your woman’s mind. May God protect us from tragedies.

It is my hope that as you enjoy foreign romance movies or romance novels, you do not get carried away by them. Stick to my advice and God will bless your romantic hustle.

Victims Speak Out - Eliminating Domestic Violence

Sometimes I sigh in resignation when the issue of domestic violence comes up. Can there ever be a solution to this problem? When you think it is only illiterate men that are prone to DV, it smacks you in the face that some supposedly enlightened men are not immune. And then that some women bear it for so long? Losing babies, limbs, enduring pain! Well, these women have spoken out about their experiences, and hopefully, by generating some conversation with this documentary, we might be able to change minds and hearts.

From the makers of the documentary;
In support of Peace One Day's Global Truce 2012 'Reducing Domestic Violence' Campaign and in celebration of Peace Day taking place on the 21st of September, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is creating awareness of the human and emotional cost of domestic violence by launching a short Eliminate Domestic Violence documentary which voices the experiences of gender-based violence victims.

Given that over 50% of Nigerian women are abused by their husbands, this video represents a call for the complete eradication of gender-based violence and a milestone in the campaign to amplify public awareness of domestic violence and empower victims to voice their experiences without reproach.

Transcript from the video;

Frank Edoho’s Ex-Wife

“Just to dare to argue with your husband is like a challenge in your home,” Obiang who was once married to the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ host, Frank Edoho said. “The woman is challenging the man and tempers flay and then you snap, then there is a slap. He says ‘I am sorry it is a mistake’ then says ‘sorry I won’t do it again,’ then he does it again, again and again.”

Zaaki Adzay’s Ex-Wife

“He slapped me on the face so (and said) ‘get up you must abort this pregnancy today. Now that I am married to you, you want to hook me with pregnancy because I am a celebrity.’ Then there was a wardrobe in our room so I put my tummy in there and backed him then he continued beating me. He had some medicine in his hand and said I should swallow it and abort the pregnancy. When he gave me I said he should allow me take water, thank God the door was opened so I ran away.”

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Supposedly, more men believe in and experience love at first sight than women. Let's see from your answers if this is in any way true. I do believe in love at first sight. Now, whether it survives and thrives is a different matter altogether. Who agrees with me?

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New Bachelor, Modern Family, DWTS and more Fall TV

Am I the only one looking forward to the new shows on TV? ABC recently announced their new Bachelor as Sean Lowes, and while he was not my favorite on Emily's season, I know I'll be watching come January. I'm also a big fan of Modern Family and Dancing with the Stars which has started off by sending Pamela Anderson Home.

There are lots of premieres ahead, Grey's Anatomy and Revenge are old favorites but I want to see what Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue are about too. and I can't wait. On NBC, we're following the new Revolution and our old regulars like Parenthood and The Voice. I'm looking forward to Grimm and Smash.

I am almost ashamed to say this last part. Since my mum came, I've been watching more TLC and other reality TV channels and liking it! Four weddings, Ice Loves Coco, Say yes to the gown, Secret Princes, Keeping up, etc. Sometimes I'm like, who watches these shows, and other times, I'm rolling. There are lessons in them sometimes, I guess :)

Who else is a TV buff like me? What are you watching?

Remaining Celibate - For Young Singles and Couples

This is one of the hot button topics for young people who either want to reach full potential in their study or career without sexual distraction, or who want to stick to their moral or religious ethics on the issue of pre-marital sex. In cases like in this post, when the reasons for celibacy are personal and well understood by the individual to benefit them, I am all for supporting and assisting to maintain that decision.

Today, I'll be discussing tips for those in a relationship, but even single people also struggle sometimes with celibacy since sexual energy is internal, even more than external. Some of the suggestions below can be adapted by anyone, even married people wanting to abstain for a while, or who are spending some time apart due to work or other circumstances.

1. When it is time to define your relationship, bring up the topic of celibacy and ensure you are on the same page with your partner. Do not make it all about you, hear the other person out and try to see if there can be a middle ground that you both are comfortable with.

2. Have a full and multi-dimensional life. Most of us have a linear or triangular life - from school to the home, or library to church to home. Make new friends and spend time with them too. Join a church worker's group, or a social group that suits your lifestyle.

3. Try new things, find hobbies and spend time developing them. Things like knitting, painting, playing soccer or any other sports, these things will keep your mind off thinking too much about sex.

4. In the time you spend with your partner, ensure you are usually outdoors. It could be going out for a meal, cinema, or with other people, to a wedding or other occasions.

5. Make your relationship public as keeps you both more accountable, and also helps you grow as a couple as you are able to study how you both interact with other people outside your inner circle of two.

6. Don't be a couch potato. You may both love watching TV and movies but we all know that couch can quickly become an erogenous zone on all its own. Do not also study together at home if you're both students, use the library.

7. Choose more active hobbies to do together. Go walking, play ping-pong or tennis together, swimming can also be a way to burn off energy. These strenous sports will tire you out both physically and mentally.

8. Show your love so you don't begin to forget that you are a romantic couple. Hold hands while out working. Hug after a good game. Sit together when out with others and have your own private code language if minded to.

9. Book a spa massage for both of you, and if possible have it done in the same room. It will relax you as well as bond you as you experience the goodness of that sometimes semi-sexual experience without the danger. Just make sure not to go directly home together.

10. Those little words are even more important now - Thank you, I'm sorry, Please, Excuse me. Do not take each other for granted, but compliment what they do well or for you. Give each other gifts to appreciate what you like. Compliment them liberally, even if just for working with you on being celibate.

In conclusion, remember that the celibacy stage is usually temporary, and just for a time. Don't get too comfortable being non-sexual that you begin to see each other as brother and sister. Sex is an important component of relationships and helps to bond a couple together, not to talk of the stress-busting and pleasure-giving aspects. So, always discuss your mutual celibacy and make plans for when you will be together, in every way.

Mrs Somebody - Claiming Prince Charming by Faith

In this movie I watched over the weekend, a woman is desperate to get married and after a motivational talk from her pastor, she proceeds to buy her wedding gown, in anticipation that her boyfriend, or any prince charming for that matter, will propose to her. This got me wondering if this woman, or real women like her, are being deceived by their pastors or if is this real faith? Do you believe buying a wedding gown will bring your wedding day closer, when there's no fiance in the picture?

On Marriage - Loving Your Man Anyway

 [You may want to skip this post if you are finicky, some grossity (new word) ahead]

Now, I'm not one for dwelling on the differences between genders in terms of behavior, personality, or expected roles, but there are some ways I agree that men in general differ from women. There was this book I read in university, my then roommate was in the must-to-marry before I graduate mode, and I was in the read-everything-I-find mode. One point stuck with me, it was a chapter under the heading - You Marry A Man.

The author of the book went on to list some of the grosser things men are more prone to than women and encouraged wives to bear with men and not plan to change them outright. She noted that men were smellier, sweatier, are more liable to pee on the toilet seat by virtue of having a penis, that sort of thing. I went to a girl's school, and by then I had not had any serious romantic relationship, so men and how they functioned were like aliens to me.

My only live in experience with men/boys before then were my dad and my younger brother. My dad is one of those old school clean cut guys, he washed his own undies and clothes, he used moisturizer, kept his afro neatly styled, and never farted in front of the children. My more gunky adolescent brother who played football we got to see a lot of only during the holidays since we were all in boarding secondary schools, and then university. I'm saying all this so you understand how reading that book was an eye-opener for me.

Well, fast-forward about ten years, I met this guy, fell in love, got married and we moved in together. And yes, I married a man. Some things weren't such a shocker because on the message-board we had met, some funny topics meant that people shared some personal aspects of themselves, and because members were anonymous, sometimes they could be quite honest.

I remember one topic like that on male personal hygiene, this was before I started dating Atala, and someone mentioned how relieving and how much they enjoyed farting noisily while they were urinating. I found that so gross, but so real at the same time. OK, so I may not do them at the same time, but I did them anyway. Yes, I admit it. I am human. I even do number 2 :)

Anyway, I was having this discussion with Atala yesterday about whether marriage cleans up men and their funky - I won't say dirty - ways. I was of the opinion that it wasn't marriage per se but dependent on the guy's interest in women and dating. Then he asked if men were really grosser than women, after all he has seen me do the do, I sweat, I smell, I fart, etc. At the end though, we agreed that men won the grossity trophy. So for those who don't know, expect the following when you marry a man;

1. Men belch, not burp - Belching is natural process of digestion but  lot of us women are socialized and trained to be ladylike. Don't belch, they tell us, or they give us "the eye" when we do. So we learn to burp. Unfortunately, men are not taught, or because they eat more food, they take in more air and have more to let back up. So they belch. What can you do?

2. Men fart, and loudly - Don't get me wrong, women do too, but I think men have noisier farts. I'm not sure why, it may be their digestive system or it may be the shape of their backsides. I'm not one of those that find this to be disgusting at all times, sometimes though, it is only courteous to go to another room if others are in the room with you, especially if you expect a smelly one.

3. Men are hairier - I don't mean on the head, women are the ones allowed to have long hair on their head. But all over their body, men have long, coarse hair. Their beards will scratch you when you kiss, their chest and belly hair the same, and I have seen guys who have hair long enough to do 'shoku' with on their backs, arms and butt. Unless you find that attractive, you may want to see a guy shirtless or naked before you move in together, or say 'I do'. But hey, maybe you can convince your man to have regular body waxing :)

4. Men sweat, a lot - Of course we all sweat. But sometimes when a man is very active, he can sweat buckets, literally. A nice deadorant specially for men can work wonders.

5. Men smell, and sometimes it gets funky - I think this is due to the higher levels of testestorone and also due to 4 above. On this one, I believe things are changing. Men are more and more metrosexual these days. Most men now know to have their baths daily, use body lotions and perfumes.

6. Skid marks on panties - Did I just go there? LOL...This is one of the grossest for me, surely one should be able to take the time to clean up properly after the do? Somebody I know said this is more evident in men cos they have by virtue of their body build, flat, bony, backsides while women have more padding. I don't know sha, but using darker undies and/or boxers should help out men who are always culprits.

6. Bad breath, and not just in the morning - A lot of us have bad breath immediately after we wake up, and some people can't help that they have halitosis. But if one likes eating stuff like onions, strong coffee, or if they smoke, it may be a good idea to have some minty sweets and gum around, or a mouth spritz.

Why do I say love him anyway? Because these are personal grooming details that can affect both men and women, and we women have our special body funk too. We all have the responsibility to ourselves and those around us to be as well groomed as we can at all times. It becomes even more important when one is dating or married, and sharing the same bed, same room, and everything with another person. Nothing, however, trumps unconditional love.

It's Complicated - Hold Me Back (Nigeria) by Rick Ross

Today's music video is not romance but more about the love-hate relationship most of us have for Nigeria, and for those outsiders who try to portray the country in any sort of realistic manner. From BBC documentaries, to comments by Oprah, a lot of us get riled up by this so-called "single story" of Nigeria. MI is one of the few rappers I listen to, and it was through him I found out about this video. I won't say I'm thrilled or overjoyed by it, but I never forget that indeed, up to 80% of Nigerians live that reality.

Anyway, how I found out was that MI had decided to reply the disgruntled elements on social media who were outraged that the video was shot only in the slums of Nigeria and felt it would give a negative perception of the country to those who saw it. Seriously, why are we so bothered? Aren't there more productive ways to channel our angst at the bruised and battered image of Nigeria? Anyway, I am late to the party and I probably won't say it better than MI.

Does it make you angry? Does it rile you to see your country portrayed as poor and suffering and full of struggle?

It burns you, does it not? To have some foreigner- who knows nothing of your history and pain, of the stories that flow within your blood- to have this foreigner come in and tell your story?

Is it not the height of disrespect and insensitivity? Does it not chafe against the thick skin you have grown to cover your other wounds?

Does it not make you angry?

We should wax sanctimonious about national pride being slighted.

We should vent our displeasure online.

We should occupy something.

Because God forbid the truth ever be told about what things really are.

God forbid a stranger remind us about those things we choose to ignore everyday.

God forbid we ever face the truth about ourselves.

God forbid we do not go on the internet and rail about how our country is being cast in bad light. God forbid we do not talk about how there is a small minority which lives better than portrayed. God forbid we do not ignore truth one more time.

God forbid we don’t.



Well, if it does make you angry, don't let anyone hold you back. And more than just words, do something. I'm beyond cheap talk, now more than ever, I believe that saying about the hunt, the hunter and his story. How many Nigerian stories have you told today? And I don't mean #shopritetins on twitter.

Let's stop burying our heads in the sand or try whitewashing a broken wall. Let us start telling our stories, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Write it down, print it, publish it, blog it, say it or put it on video. If you are in a position to directly help out, then do so, and stop whining.

Should Husbands Pay Wives For Managing The Home?

This is one question that keeps cropping up again and again. I was single when I read something along the same lines after an American survey some years ago and now I'm reading it as a housewife. This time, the Union Women and Child Development Ministry in India is preparing a draft Bill that would entitle housewives a monthly income from their husbands. Of course, all the debaters are out again in force.

Personally, I believe it is important to recognize the work women do at home, especially as in most cases they carry a disproportionate burden of chores. Wives and moms are usually satisfied by the gratitude and happiness of their husbands and children, as well as the peace and progress of their families, but where the outcome is not so positive, then what? Maybe it makes sense to reward her in cold hard cash.

Indeed, the women and children minister said the Bill, which IBN Live says is likely to be presented before the Indian Parliament within six months, was aimed at empowering women. According to her,

“A majority of women in India are involved in household chores after getting married but they do not get any salary for it. The socially accepted behaviour becomes a tragedy when a woman gets divorced or is widowed when she is left with nothing for survival. The Government is mulling to bring a law under which a husband will have to legally pay a definite amount to his wife from his salary and the Ministry has started preparing a draft in this regard,” Tirath told Express during a telephonic interview from New Delhi on Friday.

“When we are given an equal status by the Constitution, why is it that we have to accept the social condition that takes it for granted that women have to do the household chores? She is no slave and now we have to fight to bring about a change in thinking,” she added.

Since an estimated two-thirds of married Indian women are victims of domestic violence, Tirath believed this economic empowerment would be a welcome respite for them.

Now I won't be surprised if the figures of abused women are similar in Nigeria, and I also will add the number that get separated from their husbands with no child support or alimony. It is indeed a terrible situation that contributes a lot in keeping women down and browbeaten by the men around them.

However, while in concept it sounds great to determine the value of the work women do at home and pay it to them, the truth is that it will be hard to do. How can one even begin to put a price tag on some of those chores? Most women do it from the heart, for them it is not a job. It would just be too problematic to try to monetize housework. Let's look at some gray areas;

1. Women would be cooking and cleaning their own homes anyway, so how do the separate the two, for herself and for the rest of the family?

2. What if the husband is OK with a dusted coffee table but she wants to wax and polish it too? What if the children are fine with fried chicken, but she decides to make coq au vin? Will the husband pay extra for all that?

3. Making it compulsory for the husbands to pay for the house work to wives with a certain percentage of their salaries may create even worse scenarios where the men get resentful, bossy, abusive, or worse.

Finally, how will this law be implemented?

Does Size Really Matter?

When size is mentioned in romance and relationship issues, it is usually about the man's penis, this time we're talking boobs. Tiwa Savage said in the video, "I don't really think it is the size, it's how you work it". That made me laugh cos that's what we say too concerning men and size. I am a B-cup and I confess that as a young tween, it was a source of envy for me as my peers' grew bigger and rounder with each passing year. Of course, there was also talk of what men wanted. I was dying inside.

Now as an adult, I agree with Tiwa, not as how a man would work his pencil size, but as per what you bring with your itty-bitty titties. Men generally may like average to big boobs, but the more interesting ones like other things too, like brains, beauty, domestics, athleticism, whatever. So, build your personality, find out the things you enjoy doing, and boobs go down on the list of things the guys interested in you think about when they think of you. Abi I lie?

Dear Diary, Sometimes it gets too Hard - Febby

Anita's Diary

Sunday, the 1st of July. 9pm
Dear Diary,

Faking it is getting really tiring!!! You’d think I’d have perfected the act by now, right? Well I haven’t. Instead of getting easier it’s getting more difficult to do. Lifting my hands in church, simple right? Not for me it isn’t, not when I know that my life has not pleased God in a long while. I look around me while I’m in church; everyone seems to be lost in the Spirit (not that you can tell who is faking it, I hope it isn’t easy to tell because mine is so not genuine).

Some kneel, others stand, a few sit; all have their hands stretched to the heavens, their faces rapt in wonder.  What I would give to experience that feeling again. I have been in church for so long that I know the usual advice people give in situations like mine: “Ask God for forgiveness and straighten your path”. Humphh! Easier said than done. How can I ask God for forgiveness when I know I will slip into sin again? I know what he wants from me, total surrender not partial, which seems to be all I can offer. There was a time it wasn’t that difficult to give God everything, a time when lifting my hands in church was very natural, but that was before I met Deji.

Ok, I know that’s not fair. Deji is not the reason my life is a mess right now. He is a great guy, the right kind. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t womanize plus he treats me like a lady, like I said the right kind. There’s just this teeny weenie issue- he loves to make out. I’m not a prude, of course I love making out with him too. When I’m with him I shelve every inner voice that tells me to stop, in fact I ignore every voice in my head, I just feel, and boy do I feel. But when it’s over there’s just shame and regret-apparently not enough shame and regret to prevent a repeat performance. At first, I’d run to God in tears so sure I’d never fall into the same sin again but now I can’t even talk to God like I know I ought to. I feel so guilty and weak, the fact that I know he will not condemn me only makes me feel worse. I don’t think asking for forgiveness is ideal if I am not going to take the necessary steps to ensure that sin doesn’t creep into my life again. <Sigh> How did things get so bad? How I long for the days when the ultimate “sin” I was dealing with was being a smart-ass.

I better get to bed now, have to get up early to prepare that marketing strategy for my boss. Why do I wait till the deadline to do stuff anyway?
Monday, the 2nd of July. 9:23pm
Dear Diary,

I was flipping through your pages just now and I realize that I am beginning to sound like a broken record. I have been whining about my situation with Deji for the past month yet I’m doing nothing different. He comes over on Saturdays and we have all day and all of my room to ourselves, I visit him at his apartment and we hang out till late in the evening, all alone behind closed doors. What in the world is wrong with me? What did I think would happen? I can’t keep hanging around sin and act surprised when I fall into it. I have to do things differently from now. I have to talk to Deji about it; I’m tired of running away from God.
Wednesday, the 4th of July. 10:04pm
Dear Diary,

I talked with Deji today. I’m so blessed to have the best boyfriend in the world, he was so understanding.  We agreed to avoid hanging out in places where we can easily be tempted, and then we prayed. I talked to God in the cab all the way home. It felt so good, the cab driver must have thought I was crazy, I was grinning from ear to ear. I didn’t care, I felt so happy.

Oh and the marketing plan I came up with was awesome, that’s what my boss said and you know how stingy he is with his compliments. Today was the best day ever!
Saturday, the 7th of July. 6pm
Dear Diary,

What was I thinking? Why did I visit him today after all we talked about on Wednesday? I wish I could blame the devil- that’s what people say when they do something bad right? “It was the devil”. Well it wasn’t the devil; it was me being foolish, me thinking I was strong enough to resist sin. At least now I know why the bible says “Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” I fell alright, and now I feel even worse than ever. I guess that’s why God tells us to flee from sin. The poor guy, I couldn’t even look at him let alone talk to him after. He must feel so bad. I cried all the way home.

It’s not fair! How come other girls get to make out without feeling guilty? Why is my conscience over efficient? I’m tired of feeling this way. I don’t think I should go to church tomorrow.
Sunday, the 8th of July. 9:00pm
Dear Diary,

I ended up going to church today. It was like Pastor Ken was reading my life like a mail! I actually looked sideways during the sermon; it felt like everyone was staring at me with judgmental eyes. He gave an altar call for people who had fallen out with God and wanted to make their wrongs right again. I know I should have gone forward but I just couldn’t. I said my prayers where I sat, God is everywhere right?

I talked to Deji after church. We agreed not to visit each other during the weekends. I hope our resolution works out this time around.
Saturday, the 14th of July. 9:54pm
Dear Diary,

This week was hectic at work! My boss asked me to supervise the marketing campaign since it was my idea, I had to travel to Port-Harcourt and Lagos to meet with some potential sponsors. I usually don’t mind travelling but with the air crash that happened last month I was quite wary.

The resolution Deji and I made seems to be working. Although we had barely seen each other all week we agreed it was best we didn’t visit each other today. I guess we could have hung out at the cinema or at an eatery but we are both broke so I spent my Saturday cleaning my room and watching movies on my laptop.

I prayed again today, I was tentative at first but then I remembered that God doesn’t hold grudges. I even read Romans 7 and 8, if apostle Paul could struggle with sin, I guess there is hope for me.
Saturday, the 21st of July. 8:16pm
Dear Diary,

There is no hope for me. I felt like being with Deji today so I went to his place. We talked about it and agreed to keep our hands to ourselves. I was so impressed with my self-restraint. But then we just had to watch the Bride of Chucky. What was I doing snuggling up to him in the first place? If I was so scared I should have turned off the TV! I placed my head on his chest, then he started to play with my hair-you know how that turns me on… Do I have to spell it out?

I thought we had left this place. Why do I keep coming back to this? It’s like a cycle of sin, self pity and sin again. I miss talking to God. I miss my best friend. He’s the only friend I’ve had that has never judged or condemned me. The only friend who has never held on to the hurtful things I sometimes do. The only friend who has never turned me away in disappointment, disgust or anger. My friend, my teacher, companion, confidant and love- The Holy Spirit.

<Frown> Why are drops of water falling on your pages? I think I’m crying! Oh God, why am I crying? I really should stop writing, the tears are pouring in torrents now, I can barely see, plus they are smearing the ink.
Sunday, the 22nd of July. 10:51pm
Dear Diary,

I’m beginning to think Pastor Ken is spying on me. I mean, what are the odds that a Pastor would preach similar messages twice in a month? He went on and on about how Hebrews 12:1 says we should get rid of every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that easily trips us up. For some reason I thought about me and Deji when he said that. Then he went on to quote 1st Corinthians 6:18-20, about how we should flee from sexual sin because our body isn’t ours.

I can’t keep falling into this sin. I think God orchestrated today’s sermon for me. He probably wants me to know that my body isn’t mine or Deji’s but his. I think I know why I cried yesterday, I think I have to take break up with Deji. OMG! I can’t believe I just wrote that. I can’t break up with him! I love him. It’s late, I think lack of sleep is getting to me.
Wednesday, the 25th of July. 8:34pm
Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I have been avoiding writing in you. I’m trying to avoid writing any other stupid thing. What was I thinking? I can’t break up with him. We are great together, he’s crazy about me, my parents love him, and my friends think I’m lucky. I know he loves God. The only dark cloud in our relationship is this making out/sex thing and we can work that out. Ok, I know I’ve said that before but how is breaking up with him going to solve anything? This is why I didn’t want to write anything today. I don’t even want to think about it.
Thursday, the 26th of July. 8:57pm
Dear Diary,

I can’t stop thinking about it. What if this is what I need to do to get my relationship with God back on track? Isn’t placing my love for Deji ahead of my walk with God what the bible refers to as idolatry? I’m too scared to pray about it, what if God tells me I need to break up with him? Oh no! Not the tears again.
Friday, the 27th of July. 10:39pm
Dear Diary,

Deji has been giving me questioning looks. I think he suspects that I’m worrying about something. I don’t want to end my relationship with Deji, why can’t I get this thought out of my head.
Saturday, the 28th of July. 7:29pm
Dear Diary,

I told Deji that we needed space. I didn’t intend to. He came over for lunch around 2pm, we gisted for a while then the inevitable… When it was over, I sat on the bed and thought about my life. I must have looked scary sitting down with a faraway look because he kept asking me what was wrong. I blurted it out. I hate myself for the look on his face when I said it. I told him I didn’t mean to say it, that I was just tired of slipping up all the time. We talked about it and decided (again) not to hangout during the weekend. Maybe I am being pessimistic but I don’t think we can stop.
Sunday, the 29th of July. 6:19pm
Dear Diary,

Today’s sermon was about trusting God. For some reason I thought about me and Deji. I know God’s plans for me are even better than my plans for myself. If he says I need a break from Deji, shouldn’t I trust that he knows what is best for me? I prayed about Deji before we started dating and I know I got the green light, maybe we just need space for now. I think I have to break up with him.

Oh my God! What if I never find another guy who loves me as Deji does? How sure am I that I know what God’s will on this matter is? Why am I crying? I am not breaking up with Deji.
Monday, the 30th of July. 8:00pm
Dear Diary,

I ended things with Deji today. I cried, he cried. He said he’d wait for me, I pray he means it. I can’t imagine God having anyone better in store for me than Deji, but I have to trust God. Deji is a great person; I know he’ll be an awesome husband. I also know that I can’t love Deji with the love I’m supposed to love God with. I can’t be fulfilled that way, there is a void in my heart that even Deji can’t fill. What do I do now? Deji has become a part of my essence. God I’m choosing to trust in you, I need your comfort now more than ever.
Tuesday, the 31st of July. 5:50pm
Dear Diary,

I saw Deji today. He looked so handsome, I can’t believe he isn’t mine anymore. I’m sure that stalker-Veronica- will pounce like a lion now that I’m out of the picture. He looked sad too, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him. How do I know I’m doing what is right? My heart is troubled even though a part of me knows that I’m in God’s will. Every time I miss Deji I ask the Holy Spirit for comfort, I guess this is what God wants- to be the ultimate love of my life. <Sigh> trusting God is so not easy.
I think I understand why God wanted me to take a break from Deji. Over the past months, Deji has been my everything. God is a jealous God and he doesn’t want anyone to take his place in my life. And though it’s hard for me to imagine my life without Deji, I have to believe that God has only the best in store for me. Maybe this is a test, like God did with Abraham. Abraham received Isaac back right? So maybe I’ll get Deji back too.

First published on Naijastories.com as Anita's Diary by Febby. Check out her other writing on the site.

Short Clip from an Interview on TV

So Afronuts was able to make a small recording of the show yesterday. It is not much and not of the best quality but I was very happy to see it. Some friends on Twitter also saw it, and gave me a shout out. Thanks to you all, and thank God it's Friday.

Bimbo Akintola on Relationships, Marriage, Children

Sometimes you see someone who has decided to make up her own mind on relationship issues, who is happy with where she is and not afraid to tell it. Bimbo Akintola seems to be one of those people. Irrespective of the general consensus that all single women need to find a man ASAP, Bimbo states clearly in the interview below that she is doing OK on her own for now.

Bimbo Akintola, an actress and Nollywood producer, is not ruling out marriage and children, even if they end up not going hand in hand. I wish more women would own their circumstances the same way. Funny, I was exactly at the same mindspace when I found my non-ideal man. Sometimes, love finds you when you least expect it :)

Enjoy Bimbo's interview.

Let’s talk a bit more personal. What is your definition of an ideal man?
There is no such thing as an ideal man. What you get is a man that you can laugh with and then you build from there. Any woman that’s looking for Mr. Right will die single, old and wrinkled. There is no perfect man. There is no perfect woman. What you have is a work in progress. Each of us is a work in progress.

There have been various versions of your age published in the media. Can you tell us how old you are?
No I won’t. But my Mummy said I should be telling people my ‘new age’ so I’m 26. You know all actresses have a ‘new age’, so that is mine (smiles sweetly).

But if I’m to guess your actual age and relate it with societal norms, you must be under some pressure to get married…
I don’t care, if I had wanted to marry 15 times over, I would have. But I’m not going to marry for people, I would marry for me. If I ever do, it would be for me, so I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.

How about children? Are you under pressure to have children?
I have loads of children.

I mean your biological children?
Biological will come soon. But I have loads and loads of children. One of my daughters is in the University; she is finishing this year. I even have children who are married and giving me grandchildren (laughs).

Does it bother you that you see people whom you call your children having their weddings and you haven’t had yours?
That’s the bad thing, I never attend weddings. But I attended my sister’s wedding. I’m not a wedding, naming ceremony, burial person. I really don’t understand what I’m doing there. But I’m a birthday person. But no, it doesn’t bother me. I will tell you why. We are all individuals, we are not one clone. We have different paths to take in life. Some of us will marry, some of us won’t. Some of us will have kids, some of us won’t.

So I never judge myself according to other people’s standards. And for me, marriage is such a huge deal and I’m not in a hurry to go there. If you find maybe two of my ex’s, you will find out that I’ve had proposals. But I turned them down because at the end of the day, you are saying “I pick this person above everybody else in the world, till death do us part.” I had better believe that! If I don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen. Look, I will be 70 and single if I don’t believe it.

Does this imply that you never had marriage on your mind with any of the guys you’ve dated?
I never dated anybody and thought to myself, “oh, I want to marry this person and stay with this person for the rest of my life.”

Going by religious standards, people say that when you’re dating someone, you should have marriage in view…
Opon ti sun (times have changed). Let me tell you the truth. It was back then that they say “Oh! At forty-something, you’re not married. You are no longer on the shelf.” There is no such thing again. People are getting married at forty-eight. My friend’s aunty got married at fifty-six, her first marriage. It’s no more a thing of you are old you can’t marry. It’s when you find the right man. And I’m glad parents are beginning to realise that they shouldn’t put so much pressure on their children. That’s why marriages are collapsing everywhere. By the time everybody has frustrated the girl in the house, she jumps into the first thing to come along, and two months later, she’s back at home. Marriage is over. And that is such a big shame.

You have said that you love kids. Is there a possibility that you might have kids out of wedlock?
Of course, there is nothing wrong with having kids out of wedlock. It was before that they will say “bastard”, now it’s normal.

Some people would say having children out of wedlock is a diversion from moral values.
Is it? It says in the Bible that God removed a rib from man, Adam, and created his woman. What if your own rib creator has died? Some people die at infancy, some people die in car accident. Are they not somebody’s husband? So who will marry the wife? And some people become priests that don’t marry. If it is in the Bible that each woman is created for a man and some men have died, that means some women’s husbands have gone. So manage your life and be happy. And does that mean such women should not have children?

Let’s even leave that aside. What if you are unlucky and you keep having relationships over and over and you’ve not found the right man. Or it never works out. Would someone tell you that at 45, you shouldn’t have a child? If husband no come, pikin no go come? That will be unfair. That’s two blows to deal one person. Some women out there really want to settle down, but they can’t find a man. So are you going to tell me that for those women, they shouldn’t have children? It’s not possible. You will be wicked to say that.

So much has been said and written about you, some of them are not really nice. How do you handle such scandals?
I ignore a lot of things. You can never please everybody. I’ve known that since I was a child and I believe in it totally. So you please yourself first and foremost, because at the end of the day, when we all die, you will stand in front of your Maker and face judgment alone. I always please myself first. It’s not like I don’t care about other people, I do, but I don’t care what people say about me, and that’s the difference.

So tell me then, who is the real Bimbo Akintola?
I am a very simple person. I love my Mum to bits, she is the most important person in my life. I have friends who have been my friends for over 20 years. I love cooking, I love singing. I believe in God Almighty. I like being part of younger people’s lives; I like to help because I know that I’m not just here for show, I’m doing something to help somebody else.

Source - Bellanaija.com

And So What If Jesus Was Married?

Jesus had a wife

In the picture above is a papyrus that supposedly dates back to the fourth century and which may bear evidence that Jesus, the historical man, was married. I found out after hearing the ladies of the view debate on it that there has been a huge furor since the news broke on Tuesday. The person who was watching the show was like, "what blasphemy!" I personally didn't see it that way, I felt, "so what?"

I mean, I don't believe in Jesus as the son of God because he was supposedly single and celibate, I believe in him because he is God. He still did all that he did, said all that he said, single, celibate or not. So what if Jesus was married? Will it cancel out his miracles, all he said and how he lived his life?

Will knowing that Jesus had a wife devalue the fact that he raised the dead or walked on water? Will it mean that I won't see that the sermon on the mount was one of the finest teachings ever made? Or that I will suddenly begin to think that living like Christ is not the best way to embrace my humanity?

So let the papyrus be verified, and the arguments rage. As for me I know what I believe.

So what do you think about the news?

There are those for whom, like I said in the first paragraph it is sacrilege to mention Jesus and marriage in the same sentence, now that I don't understand, maybe someone will explain it to me.

As far as I can tell, only the Roman Catholics may have to reconsider their stance on married men and women as priests and bishops in the Church if this papyrus is proved to be genuine.

Now, the novel, Da Vinci Code begins to make a lot of sense...

Read more - A Faded Piece of Papyrus refers to Jesus' Wife

See me on the Heart of the Matter TV Show Today

While I was in Nigeria last summer, producers of the Heart of the Matter TV show invited me as a guest on one of the episodes on Season 5 of their show. Brand new episodes of the show are now airing on Thursdays, 9:30am on STV (also on channel 131 on DSTV) and today's episode features my appearence where I talk about my books, creativity, blogging and other aspects of social media.

Episode Synopsis
with Nkem Okotcha Akinsoto and Bukola Ogunyemi
Social media has become more than just a hobby. Nigerian entrepreneurs have tapped into the vast resources made available using varying social media tools.
On HOTM this week, Wale Adefarasin chats with Author, Independent Publisher, and Blogger, Nkem Okotcha Akinsoto popularly known as Myne Whitman
and Bukola Ogunyemi founder of Zebbook.com a website with content ranging from Politics and Governance, News and Current Affairs, and works in Creative Writing.
The duo share on how social media has become a powerful tool for promoting creative expression.

Above are some stills from the discussion with Pastor Wale Adefarasin of Guiding Light Assembly. He was a fantastic host and put us both at ease. I look forward to seeing the show after it is aired, and will remain grateful to the HOTM team.

To follow or contact the HOTM show, click on the following links.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBvm6CZewsQ&feature=plcp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Heart-of-the-Matter/229429743839308

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HOTM_TV

Website: www.theheartofthematter.tv

Email: info@theheartofthematter.tv

Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway - Win A Love Rekindled

Hello and welcome to my blog to all new visitors and subscribers. This giveaway is a chance to share a good book that anyone can get stuck in. I will be giving away my best selling book, A Love Rekindled. To enter, fill in the rafflecopter below. The winner will be announced in the rafflecopter and also receive an email within 72 hrs of the close of the giveaway. They have same amount of time to respond or another person will be selected. Goodluck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway Hop is from September 20th to 25th and is hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Valerie from Stuck in Books. Check out other participating blogs below.

America's Top Model Makeovers and Hair Extensions

The makeover episode of America’s Top Model is always the most dramatic episode of the entire season. Models literally become more upset at the thought of having their hair cut or dyed than when they are actually eliminated. Makeovers are always discussed in the first couple episodes, which include discussions of the worst possible outcomes. When salon day arrives, there is certainly no shortage of tears, complaining, and hurtful gossip over another girl’s misfortune.

Sometimes, however, Tyra, the Jays, and the rest of her crew get it right. In short, if you haven’t noticed, adding hair extensions is almost always a good decision.

Allison Harvard, Cycle 12:

Allison Harvard is widely known to be a fan-favorite from Top Model. It was no surprise when she made a reappearance in the All Star Cycle. The only surprise was that she didn’t win either cycle. It doesn’t matter though because winning Top Model doesn’t seem to help your career, perhaps it only hurts it. Allison’s makeover may be one of the best transformations in the show’s history. Her mousy, awkward-length brown hair was dyed platinum blond and matching hair extensions were added for volume and texture. She no longer looks like a girl that could blend in with wallpaper; she fills up the photo frame and commands attention with her uniquely-shaped ocean-blue eyes.

Aminat Ayinde, Cycle 12:

Allison Harvard’s fellow Cycle 12 competitor and member of the final three, Aminat Ayinde, also received hair extensions that completely transformed her look. She entered the competition with an afro which reinforced how tall and skinny she is in a disproportionate way. Her waist-length extensions made her body look long and lean, not to mention photograph fantastically. The waves also accented the beautiful bone structure of her face: her perfect high cheek bones and arched eye brows. Like Allison’s makeover, Aminat’s hair extensions bring attention to her unique, perfectly proportioned facial features and draw the camera directly to her eyes.

Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12 Winner:

Hair extensions proved to be the way to go in cycle 12; all 3 of the final contestants received long, wavy hair. Even cycle 12 winner, Teyona Anderson, had extensions with tight curls added to her short bob. If we’ve learned anything from this cycle, it’s that long, wavy hair extensions lengthen your body, make it appear leaner, highlight your facial features, and draw the camera to your eyes.

Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness. Find hair extensions and enjoy creating a fashionable new look for the fall season.

PS - Today's guest post seems to be speaking directly to me, I've been thinking of a new look for my hair. Maybe hair extensions are the way to go. What do you think of weaves and what has been your experience of them?

Stephanie Okereke Weds Linus Idahosa - Photos

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke, got married to Idahosa Linus last April in Paris, and I blogged about it back then under destination weddings. Well, the photographer has recently released some of the pictures on his blog. The venue was the Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay and everything looks great, especially the bride and groom. Enjoy!

More pictures @ IanHolmes.net

What's the most stupid thing you did for Love?

Ben Affleck has complained that 2003 was the worst year of his life. That was the year he dated JLo - as the younger, less successful man - appeared in her music video (Jenny From The Block), and made Gigli with her, a movie which got stinking reviews and also tanked at the box office. At least he can say that now, they have both moved on - married other people, with children, and still on top of their games.

The interview got me thinking. It might not be nice of him to say it, but he is right, that year was not a good look on him. However, Ben Affleck must have been in love with Jennifer Lopez then, they dated for a while and he looked happy in the video and their pictures together, including the movie. While I personally liked them together, and even enjoyed Gigli, I agree that probably Ben Affleck was blinded by love, or lust, and that made him not think too hard on the decisions and choices he made.

I guess there's nothing wrong with co-starring with a singer in a music video, but maybe not if you are dating them, and you want to be taken seriously in your acting, or have hopes of being a top-tier film director one day. I wonder if Genevieve Nnaji will look back one day and say the same for her video and on-screen romance with Dbanj. At least she really didn't date him, I think.

The romantic in me will want to sing, I'll be your Scapegoat, luckily I've never had to do anything completely stupid. But come to think of it, I did travel on the night bus from the East to Lagos, all in the name of love. What if something dangerous had happened, what would I have said? Hmmm...

Over to you guys...who's been a fool for love? Is there a head shaking or head scratching action for which your excuse is, "love made me do it"? Is there a period in your life that you look back and say, I shouldn't have done THAT! Oya, spill...

Dear Myne - I am Celibate, How do I find True Love?

Hi Myne, I am one of your readers. I am in my early 30s and still a virgin yes, you read me right and i live and work in 9ja. I am pretty and blessed with youthful looks and most people never believe i am older than 26. Now the issue is, it has been a bit challenging for me to have a proper relationship cos most of the guys i meet want sex.

Sex is out of the question for me cos of my christian faith but even some christian brothers don't wanna be hearing that. i haven't said to any of them i am a virgin because i don't want someone wanting to be with me for the wrong reasons and 9ja peeps don't believe people like us exist anywhere around this country.

Sex has been a big issue with the guys who come around me, cos it comes up all the time, some of them just disappear when they hear there will be no sex without even trying to find out more about this person and the ones who want to stay around when i make clear my stance on sex, i do not feel attracted to.

I need to know what to do, i am at that point where i am craving genuine love, and sex outside of marriage is NO alternative for me. I am of the ibo tribe and i have some married younger sisters, you can imagine how that can be. My mother understands me and is not pressurizing me to get married as most parents do but i just want true love, irrespective of my beliefs on when sex should be. What can i do?

I am expectant please. Thanks. B


When I first received this email, I replied directing her to some of the other posts on which we have discussed Christianity and abstinence, sex for mature singles, and waiting till you get married for sex. She however made it clear that she has chosen celibacy and her issue is not with sex, or discussing it with prospective suitors. For her, the main question is;

how do i get me true love in the midst of a generation so controlled by sex, especially as i am celibate?

Personally, I believe there is someone for each of us no matter our quirks. There are celibate men out there - who believe in abstinence before marriage - and one can find them in the right circles. The writer mentioned that she did meet some men who agreed to be celibate with her, and I think that's a starting point.

First of all, to find love, you have to know yourself and the kind of man you want? What qualities do you cherish, and what are the deal breakers? Also, where do you meet the people in your social circle? If one does not see a lot of the kind of men they want in the places they currently hang out, they may need to extend their social activities.

What other tips would you guys suggest?

Sunday Fun - How well can you type your name?

The typing game
1. Type your name/a name
2. Type the name with both eyes closed
3. Type the name with eyes closed and one finger.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. See you soon.

Toni Braxton - How Many Ways : Music Video Romance

How much sweet goodness is there is a pack of Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares? That's how many ways. And then add a drizzle of warm honey. Dedicated to my one and only. I love you.

Kate Middleton Remains Gracious For Jubilee Tour

There has been a lot of frenzy over some pictures of Kate Middleton, and her husband Prince William, but they are continuing with their tour of the Far East. I wished more people will focus on what is more important, and maybe the paparazzi will get the message that we don't need them to invade people's privacy in order to titillate us. What was there to see? A young woman enjoying some time off before going on to face a packed schedule of work? SMH...

Well, the pictures I choose to share are different and of the good work the couple are doing for their family and country. I hope Kate Middleton and Prince William do not allow the naked pictures scandal to overly affect them, because affect them it will. Still, they are both very mature and I trust that will certainly help them bear and overcome the situation. The certainly continued their tour in Malaysia even after hearing the news.

Thankfully, these pictures show that their official trip to the Far East was a success both for them as a couple and for Kate Middleton personally. All the best to them.

And to everyone, have a great weekend, mwah!