Unrequited Love - Let's call it The Friend Zone

When I come across instances of unrequited love, I feel a small pinch in my emotions, or a mighty big pinch depending on who's telling the story. That's because even though true love has healed my heart I have felt that pinch in a personal way, mostly during my adolescent years of secret crushes.

You see a guy you like, you get to know them and they like you too. You begin to want to think yourself in love with them, but wait for it, they love someone already. You're like, shoot me now. Yeah, I know that's a bit dramatic, right?

Blame Les Miserables, the movie musical that came out Christmas day with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway among others. There are several strands of stories in the movie, but this is not a review (which is coming soon btw), so I'm only going to talk about one of them - a love triangle with some characters.

Eponine (in the picture above) loves Marius, he loves Cosette, he only wants to be friends with Eponine. Wait, there's more! Marius also wants Eponine to help him find and romance Cosette. This is no longer a pinch, talk about a dagger to the heart. Hmm...let me not lie, I cried for Eponine.

After we came back from the movie, I read a few articles on the unrequited love scenario, now popularly referred to as friend zoning, and most of them seem to assume that only men are friend-zoned. I can assure you that women get friend-zoned too by men they are interested in, and may have even openly expressed their love, only to have it thrown back to their face.

But whether it happens to a man or a woman, it is not a place I wish on anyone. I know it is futile to think that each person should only fall for those that'll love them back, but I can't help wishing it.

Who else has ever felt that pinch of unrequited love, or been friend-zoned? How does it feel?