My Unrelaxed Hair Journey So Far

From the early days of the Big Chop when I wrote this first post about my haircut back in April of last year.

I had a hair accident in March after I removed some weaves, and this led to the worst hair tangling known to man. The only solution? Cut it all off. Well, I'm comforted knowing my hair grows quickly. With time I'll share more with you guys about the hair journey.

To this. I have on salon made (JC Penney) twists, flat at the front and single at the back.

To be honest, the growth has not been as fast as I hoped but I think I know why. I texturized in the early months and then had to gradually cut that all off when I decided not to go that route. Since then, I haven't been taking good care of the hair which has led to almost monthly trims to remove split ends.

I've also not done any protective styling for over six months, so it's just been me, myself and my small afro. Some other posts showcasing the rise and rise of this afro include, this one, this one, and this one.  One of my new year resolutions is to do better. Thank God for Youtube. Any other tips for lazy me?