Dear Myne - Am I Expecting too much from Him?

...I have been communicating with some guy for about 6 months, we live in different cities, he has almost all the qualities i listed above and is 6'3 :). The truth is i have come to like him a lot and i think that is why it is hurting me now. While he calls, send me mails, would run errands for me (online), send romantic songs and all that, he is yet to ask me out. He says he is scared of women and doesn't want to commit until he is sure he is being led to marry this person.

The truth is i never had an expectation in my relationships. I grew up not expecting anything from anyone and try to give so much. I probably felt being with me was just enough, hence i hooked up with people that were lovely in their own way but totally wrong for me. Even though i walked in without an expectation, i soon get hurt by their actions, they not understanding me and feeling abused because my emotions was not in the kissing and stuffs.

At this stage, i will say i have learnt to be my own woman and i will love a good cerebral man, that can communicate his feelings and frustrations, love God.. read spirit filled, Loves me, from a great family ( am an orphan) and hardworking ( young and up mobile) and Tall! because i am almost 6ft in my socks ... Everything else is negotiable.

So, I found out there is someone the guy I'm talking with likes a lot, she lives in another country and he is not denying it...and i told him to stop sending me those messages, seems like am being used as an emotional crutches, but he says it is not as straight forward as that. I have stopped communicating with him but he still wants to keep in touch.

What do i do? I like him, and if he likes someone else, no big deal. But i feel he is one of those confused folks that will never get to make-up their minds. Please advice.

***This request came in under Expectations from Relationships.