What Does Infatuation Mean To You?

Some artistes were asked their definition of infatuation and many of them came up with various meanings, from the good, to the bad to the outright funny. I think some of them, like the comedians were trying to joke around, maybe some didn't know the meaning, the presenter herself doesn't help matters, she seems to be a stand-up comic too :)

Anyway, the video got me thinking. What does infatuation really mean? Is it the same as love? When does it transition if we think love is the more mature feeling? Is infatuation equivalent to obsession? Sometimes, crushing on someone is said to be synonymous to being infatuated with them, is this so? What if you're crushing on someone you love and are in a relationship with, is it still infatuation?

In my opinion, infatuation is when you have all the feelings of romantic love and desire for someone without really knowing them. Mostly, it is younger people who become infatuated because they've not really experienced life and still see through rose colored lenses. I can still remember some of my teenage crushes on Hollywood and music celebrities, some fine older guys in the peripheries of my social circle, and even on clothes and stories.

Infatuation is said to be unhealthy in the sense that it puts human beings on pedestals when we know how flawed we can all be. It is very blinding because of the high emotions that come with the feelings which do not allow the infatuated person to see their object of infatuation as a real, fallible person. What happens is that when that veil is torn away, infatuation can go in hateful ways.

That said, I also find infatuation sweet. There are days I just stare at Atala and I'm so infatuated. I still remember my days of endless infatuations with nostalgia, those feelings just make you feel alive! Imagine a guy crush comes across you while out, or more, walks over and talks to you! Reminds me of those early days on the forum where I met Atala. Be still, my heart! LOL...

So what do you think? What does infatuation mean to you? Have you ever been infatuated with someone or something? If you still are, what are your current crushes?