Pictures of Some Foods I Cook

Sometimes I cook. I usually cook enough to last a couple of meals or more. Sometimes I remember to take pictures, but usually at the end of everything. And having thought about blogging about home cooking, I have found that I may never like to take pictures step by step. I don't think I'll make a good tutorial blogger, but I'm working on better camera skills to back up recipe posts, coming your way soon. Below are some so-so pictures of food I cook. The bigger images are below these small ones:)

Egusi Soup with Beef and Okporoko

Lentils with Spinach

Fried Beef in Tomato Sauce

Simple Jollof Rice

So now that I have an android device, one of the apps I decided to join up to is Instagram and sometimes, I share pictures. Not too much though. If you're on there, click to follow me @Mynewhitman

By the way, who knows how to take better food pictures, any tips?