My Review of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Who remembers this post asking about the Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Note? So I got to the AT&T store and the rep and I hashed it all out about what I liked about each of the phones and what he didn't like about each of them. I've now had my Galaxy SIII for about two months and I want to share my experience of the phone with others who may be thinking of getting it. My first smartphone was a BlackBerry which I used for over 2 years so my review will be based off of that.

The main thing I like about my SIII is that it is so slim and very light compared to my BB Torch which was quite bulky and heavy. The next up is the screen size, which is amazing. I thought the Torch was big, this is an eye-opener, I browse on it so comfortably and can do almost everything including blogging and the accompanying rounds and comments. My laptop has definitely been getting more rest than it's ever had.

Also, the video playback quality are excellent. The first time I watched a Youtube video, I was like, wow! The crisp sound and image quality blew me away. I never thought phones could play video, and I couldn't understand when people talked about watching TV or movies on their phone. I never tried it on the BB. I was also surprised that video didn't gulp as much data as I feared.

This next advantage may be a function of the android rather than of the Samsung SIII but since this is my first taste of the OS, I am so sold. It is much easier to download apps from the Google Play Store and the apps themselves, where do I start? There's a lot more of them, more variety and they are much better. From about 30, I now have almost 100 and I'm loving them. So far, the CNN app is the coolest. Instagram is not half bad either. The swipe ability of the phone just makes navigation a breeze.

I also like that when I connect the SIII to my laptop, it is recognized as a USB and I can easily move content from the phone and back. There are more complicated apps and even a wireless option of doing this but I'm a simple girl, I'll get to those one day, if at all.

Finally, typing on the phone. I used to hate sending text messages, doing blog rounds, or updating social media on my phone, now I hardly think about it than I'm doing it. There are several options of inputting text, including voice, writing and the usual typing. This typing though is more intuitive than the one on my BB and maybe the larger screen also helps. I'm almost a pro now.

Now to the things I'm not so hot on. The camera. I may the one who's wrong or clueless, but I don't fully like the quality of the pictures that my phone takes. The size is OK but the pictures appear kinda blurry and dull. One of my initial doubts still remain, the fact that the screen doesn't freeze when one takes a picture. I have to call up the picture to be sure of how it looks. One function that helps a bit is the burst shot option where I can take several pictures at a time and later collate. I'm managing this.

The battery could also be better. I usually have to charge my phone mostly twice a day, and only once on a few days. I wish it could last for longer, especially on days I spend a lot of time outside the house. But hey, we can't have it all, I guess.

So who else has the SIII, what have you liked or not liked about the experience of using it?