How to say Sorry to your Boyfriend in Yoruba?

This search landed on my romantic names in local languages which may come in useful but will definitely not speak directly to the problem if there's one. I'm guessing the person searching for this has a Yoruba partner but is not one herself. If you've offended him and you want to say sorry, I think you say Ema binu or Pele.

I confess that I'm terrible with Yoruba and can probably count on my fingers the number of Yoruba words I know. Atala and I communicate in English and I barely get a chance to practice the little I know. Maybe the children will provide the opportunity for us all to learn.

Of course, after saying sorry, you can add all those romantic love words and oriki. I find physical touch very calming too, hold his hand, touch or kiss him - it may or may not be sexual, and don't forget to cook his favorite food, hehehe...Good luck...