Dear Myne - Is She Just Toying With Me?

I had a short but passionate relationship for 2 months with a girl that in the third month started to get distant so I got annoyed and broke it up suddenly. Well, I am really in love so I went back with my tail btw my legs and started courting her again. Its been a month of a toaster life. I txt her, email her, once sent her flowers on a special occasion. She gets back to me, we talk daily, but not with the frequency and passion we had at the beginning. I initiate it most of the time.

This is currently a long distance relationship. I stand on a fine thread where I might get tired of toasting with no clear sign from her and eventually get bitter at her. I am happy to be a toaster as I like romance and winning back a heart even if it makes me vulnerable. I am going to give it another month or so of persistence regardless of her poor feedback then I am done.

Its funny because, even if I am in love, you still get bitter in a way, and at time feel like once I win her back I will dump her to get back at her for making me so clueless for so long. Unless she explains it all to me and it make sense. For now, I am going to be persistent and consistent.

My confusion is caused by the fact that, even though I expressed my feelings more or less clearly to her, she has not done the same so it keeps you wondering. What I don't understand is if she likes my attention to boost her pride or genuinely wants to be won back?