Should couples use the same Bedroom or Separate?

Atala and I share the same bedroom and bathroom and I can't even imagine having to use separate ones in the near future. But I know that lack of privacy has been identified as one of the reasons strain develop in some marriages, and if an individual had their own space to get a good sleep, or just do them in peace, they may be more amenable when working on other issues. And some people can be so messy, it gets on their partner's last nerves.

At the same time, the intimacy that comes when a couple sleep in each other's arms has been scientifically proven to grow love. Cuddling, with or without sex, is supposed to trigger oxytocin in both men and women, which makes them calmer and more sensitive to the feelings of others. I certainly like that idea :)

Which side are you on, and why is it that option that works for you?