Most Committed Christian Men are not Interesting

On the post about finding true love as a celibate Christian woman, a thread emerged about Christian men and the fact that it seems a lot of them, especially the ones who are willing to abstain, are not as interesting and other men around. At least not interesting enough to the women involved. The original poster mentioned it and other commenters agreed. Below is the latest comment to this effect. What is your own opinion and experience?

I am a 35 year old woman and a virgin. I have never dated a man who has been a virgin, although the 4-5 boyfriends I've had in my life have usually been quite loving and understanding--though they tend to get frustrated after a while and it has played a role in a couple of break-ups.

I have also felt that because of their own experiences they have pushed me into going further physically than I had intended to go. I can understand the desire. I have it too--this waiting thing is very difficult.

I have had Christian men, whom I imagine want to be celibate, interested in me, but I have not found them interesting. It's frustrating, I, like you, am committed to staying celibate/a virgin till married. My major issues have not been in finding men who do not respect that but in finding men who also match up to my other priorities, primarily being committed Christians and INTERESTING. The men I've met seem to be one or the other. :-P

Updated to add from the original commenter who wants to clear the air;

...It is the Christian men who want me I don't find interesting--not all Christian men in general. I do not find these particular Christian men interesting for the following reasons: they are overly pushy, they immediately mention marriage, they patronize and talk down to women, they are judgmental, they are overly "showy" about their Christianity (for example, always wanting to talk about church and no other topic), they don't seem to have much nuance or sophistication, etc. I'm NOT saying ALL Christian men are like this or that there are not many nonChristian men who are not also like this--but this is the problem I have with most of the ones who approach me....

...I am interested in a "worldly" man--one who is educated, has a good sense of humour and a sense of nuance, one I can discuss theology and religion with and not have him want to nail everything down into black and white.

Another of my pet peeves about the "uninteresting Christian men" I mentioned are those who assume that single women are just dying to get married and that will necessarily be interested in any man who comes along. I am 35, single, doing "interesting" things and enjoying my life. Of course, I would like to find an INTERESTING Christian man who I would enjoy coming home to. Of course, I would like to get married. But that is not my sole goal in life. And the "uninteresting Christian men" I mention above don't seem to get that.