Kranich's Jewelers Review

A few days ago, I got some packages in the mail and one of them was from Kranich's Jewelers. I had been discussing with them and so was expecting the package, but it's always nice to get a gift. The hard-working people over at Kranich’s had sent me a lovely Penn State wristwatch.

To be honest, I'm not too big on jewelry, and often when I dress up, I go with just my rings, and maybe a bracelet. So when I had the choice of several jewelry pieces from Kranich's, I went for the most functional.

While the watch from Kranich’s looks great, it is a bit loose around my wrist so I have gifted it to Atala. Kranich's sent me two other options, a bracelet and a pendant, and now I wish I had selected one of them. Hopefully, I can get them as a gift for my birthday *hint*.

Kranich's Jewelers definitely have a vast selection of jewelry - engagement rings, wedding bands, pearls, anniversary rings, watches, charms, diamonds, etc. Recently, Kranich's launched an exclusive line of Verragio Rings for engagement and bridal use. Check them out.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product by Kranich’s Jewelers for the purpose of this post.