Is it OK to Snoop through your partner’s Phone or Email?

In the article, How to show Nigerian Love, Elnathan lists cooking as one of the entitlements due a Nigerian man. The commensurate entitlement, he says, is for the woman to snoop through her man's phone. In his words, "This is the time to dive for his phone and read all his text messages. You will find something. If you don’t, go through his call records- you are likely to find calls to or from an Amaka after he said he needed to rest last night."

Personally, I do not support snooping and don't think I'll do it. More likely, I'll just ask. Two wrongs don't make a right, or do they? While I think snooping is a sign of insecurity and will mostly only further add to the distrust in a relationship, who knows? Maybe some people are justified when they end up seeing what they were looking for, especially in the case of cheating.

What are your thoughts and experiences with snooping?