How to Reject a Nigerian Man - Search #1

Around the close of day or so, I check my blog's statistics to see that the site did OK. Recently, I've noticed that the blog has been ranking #1 for a few keywords not related to my blog name. Most of the time, it is for a topic we have discussed on here, like Nigerian romantic names for husbands, but once in a while a new one comes along. I have decided to bring you guys some of the more interesting ones.

So yesterday, I saw that someone had come onto my blog by searching for How to reject a Nigerian man on yahoo. I did the search myself and truely, as you can see from the picture above, I was #1. I don't think we have ever discussed that topic, and strangely enough, the search took the person to how to show Nigerian love. Maybe Yahoo is stylishly saying that the things written in that article are enough to send a romantic interest running for dear life, lol...

Anyway, let's give some answers to this very important question so the next searcher finds a good response to their query. How does one reject a Nigerian man? Wouldn't just saying "I no want again" do?