Why Men Fall in Love at First Sight

In the blog asking those that believed in love at first sight, most of the women did not believe in it. I got some comments from men both here and on Facebook and more of them do believe in love at first sight and had actually experienced it. The commenters who went on to elaborate what they thought of the idea tried to tease out the difference between love and lust and that seems to be the key to the difference in how men and women percieved love.

According to a Match.com singles study;

men are actually more likely than women to report falling for their partner after just one glance. 30% of men say they have fallen in love at first sight, while only 21% of women report the same. One reason for this is that lust and love are more immediately intertwined for men than they are for women. Men are visual creatures when it comes to sexual attraction, and they are programmed to have a strong, visceral response to mates they find attractive.

While women also search for attractive mates and physically respond to guys they find sexy, they do not always associate love and lust the same way that men do. Think of it this way: “Men fall in love at first sight, women fall in love at first insight.” In other words, in order to catch and keep a woman’s attention, a man needs more than just a fit body or a great smile. Women are also looking for a great sense of humor, kindness, and a charming personality….a six-pack is just a bonus!

Source: Match.com