To get a Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note?

I have been thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy S III for my birthday which is in October, but we were at the AT&T store recently to get a phone for my mum and I got looking at their line of Samsung phones. That was how I saw the Galaxy Note and now I think I have fallen in love.

The galaxy note is so large and bold, maybe that's why I'm distracted. Atala thinks it's too big to use as a phone which is what I really need, but is more of a tablet. I agree about it being a tablet but I still think I can easily put it to my ear. And I just love the stylus!

I am one of those people that hate texting, OK, maybe that's too strong a word, but I hardly text cos I don't know how to type quickly. I usually pick out the words with one finger, one letter at a time. Imagine what I can do with the stylus, I will become a texting guru. I am also thinking of reviving my drawing and cartooning, and even fashion designing :)

But I haven't totally forgotten the Galaxy S III. I like some qualities it has, like the front and back camera. And it is clear and bright in its own right.

Who uses either of these phones? What's the verdict?