New Bachelor, Modern Family, DWTS and more Fall TV

Am I the only one looking forward to the new shows on TV? ABC recently announced their new Bachelor as Sean Lowes, and while he was not my favorite on Emily's season, I know I'll be watching come January. I'm also a big fan of Modern Family and Dancing with the Stars which has started off by sending Pamela Anderson Home.

There are lots of premieres ahead, Grey's Anatomy and Revenge are old favorites but I want to see what Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue are about too. and I can't wait. On NBC, we're following the new Revolution and our old regulars like Parenthood and The Voice. I'm looking forward to Grimm and Smash.

I am almost ashamed to say this last part. Since my mum came, I've been watching more TLC and other reality TV channels and liking it! Four weddings, Ice Loves Coco, Say yes to the gown, Secret Princes, Keeping up, etc. Sometimes I'm like, who watches these shows, and other times, I'm rolling. There are lessons in them sometimes, I guess :)

Who else is a TV buff like me? What are you watching?