Does Size Really Matter?

When size is mentioned in romance and relationship issues, it is usually about the man's penis, this time we're talking boobs. Tiwa Savage said in the video, "I don't really think it is the size, it's how you work it". That made me laugh cos that's what we say too concerning men and size. I am a B-cup and I confess that as a young tween, it was a source of envy for me as my peers' grew bigger and rounder with each passing year. Of course, there was also talk of what men wanted. I was dying inside.

Now as an adult, I agree with Tiwa, not as how a man would work his pencil size, but as per what you bring with your itty-bitty titties. Men generally may like average to big boobs, but the more interesting ones like other things too, like brains, beauty, domestics, athleticism, whatever. So, build your personality, find out the things you enjoy doing, and boobs go down on the list of things the guys interested in you think about when they think of you. Abi I lie?