The Golden Couple - Jaqueline Carvalho and Murilo Endres

The MVP Brazilian volleyball player Jacqueline Carvalho won gold for her country at the 2008 Olympics and also at the 2012 London Olympics. She got my attention when it was mentioned in the commentary as the game went on that her husband, Murilo Endres, was also on the male volleyball team for Brazil. I'm just watching the male volleyball finals for gold and Brazil is leading Russia. All the best to him. I also googled them and found they have a sweet love story...

He was her first boyfriend and she, his first girlfriend after they met as teenagers. Murilo Endres (30) and Jaqueline Carvalho Endres (27) may share the same passion for their sport, but are different in their personalities and this contributes to the strength of their relationship.

"I'm more shy and reserved, learned from Jaque to show love. We complete each other with faults and virtues, 12 years without a break," says Murillo.

"It's hard to quarrel, but I'm more angry. He is the quiet one. We grew up together, he was my first love and we got married in 2009 after 10 years of knowing each other," says Jacqueline.

But no matter how golden the couple may be, they've also had their share of troubles, last year, they had a miscarriage after already announcing to the public that they were expecting a baby. So sad...

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