The Fresh Scent of Tide Plus Bleach Alternative

Around these parts, Atala is one in charge of laundry. He decides on the detergents to use and sorts and loads the clothes in the washer. I sometimes help to unload, put in the dryer, fold away, that sort of thing. I couldn't help noticing when some weeks ago when I was folding some of my light-colored clothes that they looked brighter and so I asked. Turns out, he picked up a new detergent for the light colors since our supermarket had run out of our usual brand. The new one was the Tide Plus Bleach Alternative.

I also noticed that from them, the load for the whites had a fresher scent than that for the darker colors. It is a scent I like and funny enough, my siblings remarked on it during my trip home. They asked the air freshener I used in my closet, or if I had packed in some scent pellets with the clothes in my boxes. I didn't have to think hard to tell them it was the laundry detergent :)

My plan on coming back was how to convince Atala to also change the other brand we use for the dark colors to Tide. I knew I would be facing some challenge because Tide is a bit more expensive than our usual.

So you can imagine my excitement when Blogher contacted me and asked that I partner with BlogHer and P&G to spread the word about their new online shopping website with the clause that I will be receiving a small commission from all sales generated through my widget.

I wasn't as excited about the commission - though I'd love it if you shop through mine :) - as I was that there were money saving deals involved! Shoppers get 10% off through August and free shipping on $25 carts, whoppee! I'll certainly be taking advantage of the estore because in addition to Tide, they have available some of our regular personal care brands including, Olay, Head and Shoulders, Covergirl, and Oral-B.

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Tide Coldwater

This post is sponsored by P&G and Blogher and I will be earning a commission from any sales made through the widget above, whether on Tide Coldwater or any other product. However, all opinions in this review are my own and honest.