Dear Myne - I'm Torn Between Two Men

Dear Myne, am in my mid twenties, i have just a year more to graduate from school, i work and have a bf who doesn't like 9-5 jobs. he says he prefers street money which is not constant but can come big. not long ago i met a new guy thru a cousin. the guy is serving presently in a bank. he loves me and wants to settle down with me.

but the issue here is, he's presently planning to travel out for his MBA and he wants to engage me before he goes. while he goes for a year schooling, he's hoping to help process my visa and take me later.

but here is the dilemma, is it worth the wait with another man on my hand, that is my current boyfriend, and what if he doesn't return as planned or something happens and he marries another girl. me on the other hand is saying/feeling - what if he goes and i meet another amazing guy?

i just don't want to make a mistake when it comes to husband issue and i really need to settle down asap cos am still a virgin and there's so much pressure from this silly married men. i don't want to budge now if i can get a man of my own which is what i promised my self, "giving my V to my hubby and him alone"

candid advise pls. pardon my typo error am @ work. thanks myne and commentators....


This request came in under the Wanting to Wait post