Out and About Lagos - Old and New Projects

A Catholic Mission from Colonial days - Who knows the name?

On the day I went out for that bookish event and ate Gala again, I also took some pictures. Of course, I hear some of you say :) There are a lot of projects going on in Lagos and one can only hope that the current government is able to complete most of it. If possible too, successor administrations should be far-sighted enough to know that everyone benefits when any project is complete and not just one they started. Enjoy...

St Nicholas Hospital

City Hall, Lagos Island

National Theater, Iganmu - completed in the seventies

The driver drove right up to it, the closest I've ever been to it. I should go for an event there one of these days

A new light rail project from orile to Badagry - this is just after the Nat. Theater

One of the train stations has been completed at Orile

A ten-lane highway is being built alongside the train lines - this is an alternative route

Another uncompleted station at Alaba. It did bug me that several trucks were parked right there in the narrow road