Moving On - Can You Date Your Friend's Ex?

This is the second part of the first post titled How Long should a guy wait? Let me remind you a bit of the scenario. There is this lady who has a toaster but she is still praying to get direction on the relationship. There are several things she did not like about the guy including the fact that he showed his feelings too early, and he has a daughter from a previous relationship. But she likes that he is generous and keeps him around as a platonic friend for 2 years.

Along the line, a friend of our lady got to know about the generous Niceguys, and she encouraged our lady to eat a fat frog. That is another way to say, if you want to do anything, do it properly. However, our lady preferred to keep to the status quo. That is, she wanted to eat her cake and have it too.

This friend of our lady finally got to meet our man. They had a couple of conversations, one at our lady's place, and another while they were both in London and they hit it off. Within a couple of months, friend started dropping hints to our lady starting by asking if she ever did have any romantic relationship with the guy. Our lady confirmed that no, there was no romance and he was just a friend. Her suspicions were aroused, especially when the guy and her friend were no longer calling her as regularly as before.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the guy made an appointment with her and laid bare his heart. He still liked her, but he was now in love with her friend. Her friend he said, was the total package, and he felt, specially suited to him. In the four months since they started talking, she had met his family, his daughter, and she took care of him in all ways. Read what you will into that. :)

Our lady is annoyed and even after both her friend and the men apologised, she still feels a bit cheated.

So what do you think? If you find out that your ex is dating your friend what will be your reaction? Will you date a friend's ex?