More of the Smithsonian - The Sculpture Garden

Just so you know that the Smithsonian is not all musty and stuffy museums and galleries, there is the Sculpture Garden that takes you outside and into the fresh air. There is an eclectic mix of sculptures in various media all displayed with commentary.

Looking like as a village woman in front of my hut waiting for nna anyi :)

Atala loved this shiny metal tree that soared into the skies

This is flat but looks eerily 3D

With the thinking rabbit

A spiny anteater, a bridge, a spiky chair? Your guess is as good as mine

A dog from outer space? Or just a convenient place for shade :)

This fountain was definitely cooling, even just to look at

And to put your feet inside :)

A few more minutes please? He said no and we left soon after to the next museum, LOL...