Good Luck to Nigeria at the London 2012 Olympics

Long jump athlete Blessing Okagbare
I am a fan of the Olympic games, have always been right from childhood when we would sit in front of our boxed TV set to watch the opening ceremony in black and white with my dad. For me, it was one of those things that united us as a country, and I admired the Olympians for having done well enough to represent the country.

Of course there was also the grandeur of the Olympics opening ceremony itself, the effizzy, the people, the culture, the color, everything was perfectly orchestrated to amaze. I just loved the show!

I am happy I am in Nigeria this time so I can watch it live without having to stay up till ridiculous hours. The man behind the opening ceremony is the Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director, Danny Boyle, and according to reports, he is not stinting.

The centerpiece of the event is an "Isles of Wonder" vision, inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest. Every other thing is top secret but will all soon be revealed. I look forward to it all.

As the games begin after that, I want to wish our Nigerian contingent all the best of luck. They may not be comparable to some of the top-tier countries, but they always try to fly the flag gallantly and bring back one or two medals. You can read more about them HERE.