Dear Myne - My Husband is Unfaithful and not Repentant

Why is it that it's generally difficult for men to say they are sorry for an action that is so glaring that they erred in. How do you advise a woman to react when her husband called her gsm number thinking it is his girl friend's number? And then to be claiming that he did it intentionally because he has a free credit.

I had just jisted with my husband in our room around 10.00pm some days ago when he said he had to use the toilet. I took the opportunity to check a few things around the house including the children and the kitchen. A few minutes later, same day same house, I heard my phone ringing. I went to pick it in the parlor and it was my husband.

He called me baby, which he rarely does and started jisting with me on off topic matters, nothing we had said before in the bedroom. I pretended too, until he realised his mistake when the conversation was not flowing as expected.

I went into the bedroom and confronted him but he is insisting he knew he was calling my number and just felt like using his free MTN weekend credit. I asked about calling me baby and he said and so what?

The thing is that he didn't say anything I can really hold on to but I am sure that call was not meant for me and the fact he is denying it makes me even more suspicious.

Myne I want you to throw it open to your numerous audience, will love to hear their reactions too, thanks.