Dear Myne - Am I Making The Right Decision?

I dated this guy for 3 years, we were in the same department and class. I was faithful all through, but most of these years, I was just hanging on. This is because he had lots of attention from girls and didn't seem to care much about me, but I still kept on being in the relationship because I felt a change could occur. He called me his special girl, but he didn't treat me special.

There was even this other girl he was pretty close to, so much that it was obvious something was going on. I didn't believe it until I read a birthday text he sent to this girl, stating how much she had shown him how to love and was a long story. I then remembered that all he sent me on my birthdays were "Happy Birthday. Cheers". In a nutshell, it looked like I was the one doing the loving.

He calls me one day, after failing to pick my calls for no reason, and for over eight days, to break up with me. He asked to remain friends. I agreed; even after I knew I was supposed to hate him for hurting me.

Then, on a particular day I unexpectedly got back from home to school, I surprised him by showing up at his doorstep. He begged me to stay. I was like; afterall, hez my friend, I'm safe..., but little did I know he was thinking I came over to seduce him into heving sex with me. At 12 midnight, he got angry about me refusing him sex, though he was drunk at the time, and pushed me out of his house. Somehow, I made it to the next morning and went home in tears.

The next two days after that horrible day, he started calling continously and sending "sorry" text messages, but I ignored them. He even gave his phone to someone to help him wish me a "Happy Birthday" on my birthday.

That didn't change anything. He explained himself to an elderly person who went on her knees to beg me on his behalf. This went on for 3 weeks, and finally, I thought: "even God forgives us for the gravest sin, why can't I forgive him?". That day, I resolved to forgive him, which I did, and prayed for him too.

The problem is, he doesn't believe I've forgiven him till I agree to marry him. He says the thought of losing me made him come back because he knew I was always good to him and he wasn't, but I still cared. He says he had called his family and friends to help him beg, and that he's willing to tell my mum how much he needs me in his life as his wife.

Me, on the other hand haven't had it easy getting a partner. Not that they don't come, I just don't feel right with them. I'm developing a soft spot for him again. Do you think I'll be making a grave mistake if I accept him back into my life?

He has never fought for me like this before, and I can see some seriousness in him. He's now a focused and dedicated person.

Would really love a reply from everybody. Anticipating them. Thanks for reading.