Waiting Till You Get Married for Sex

I love me some Megan good, I think she's a sweet actress and she's really beautiful. Recently, she and her fiance, now husband, DeVon Martin, got married after some weeks of publicity where she stated that they were waiting till they were married to, you know, get it on, have carnal knowledge of each other, have sex, make love, or whatever name or term floats anybody's boat. Even Franklin appeared on Oprah's show and talked about their mutual decision to stay celibate until they were wed.

Just look at that picture up there, isn't it just so sweet? I think so, especially knowing the above.

Some people who have read some of my old posts on this issue, especially Christianity and Sex -What's a young girl to do and Abstinence for the mature singles, went away with the idea that I promote pre-marital sex. I didn't bother to debate the specifics then, because in a way, I do. But the core of that last post is that the decision to have sex or to abstain should be a personal one.

There are other factors that I think also play into the whole should you wait for sex or not. First of all, having sex with any random person is out of the question, as is unprotected sex.

Also, like I noted in the previous posts, if you're Christian and your conscience strictly guides you away from intimacy from your boyfriend or fiance, there's a reason, heed it.

If you believe it is for you, then we come to the next step. The self awareness and discussion with your partner on the issue of sex is strictly for mature couples. Sometimes, age does come into it though some people are more psychologically mature than their age mates. Still, I don't think the decision may be the same for a 20 years old as for a 29years old. I may be wrong though.

Another factor is how long you both date each other. If the courtship is just 6 months to a year, I think it is easier to deal than people who date for 5 - 10 years. It is said that Megan Good and Franklin met on the set of Jumping the Broom, which she starred in and he produced, and started dating soon after filming wrapped. So that means they've been together for about a year plus.

At the end though, it is the choice of the couple to make whether to have sex before or after marriage.

Sometimes though, marriage is the only thing that will ensure complete trust between a couple. Some of us have so much baggage from the past and it is not anybody's fault. So when you are in love when such people, really in love, you have to accept them as they are.

Also, abstinence can be a mutual decision so that the couple can have a remarkable memory for their wedding night.  Most times, it will be worth it, if not on that night due to exhaustion or travel, at least during the honeymoon.

What I will say again is that sex between two people who love and trust each other can be beautiful. Ditch your sexual hang-ups in time and make sure the person you marry is someone you can be completely open with and you'll surely have a great time.