Non Traditional Wedding Outfits for Men

Now, no matter how much I like to believe that I can think outside the box, I had the charge of shopping for my wedding back in the UK and the most non-traditional I got for Atala and his groomsmen was to pick a dark brown color for their suits instead of black.

I saw the pictures of Bobby Brown's wedding to his new wife, Alicia Etheridge, and I was reminded that not all weddings are traditional in the sense of a black tux for the groom. Sometimes one or both of the people getting married may decide to go for a different look.

For instance, our wedding colors were chocolate, burgundy and cream and I did discuss with him and he outright refused my suggestion of a white ivory suit. We compromised by having lovely wine-red ties and pocket corsage.

To be honest, it was a tough time for me, as I'm sure some of our fellow bloggers currently getting ready for their wedding will testify (Sisi Yemmie and Angel's beauty, how is it going?). I had, consciously and unconsciously, picked up all this wedding etiquette and ideas growing up as a young adult and of course, everyone and my mother had a suggestion too. But it can get too stuffy at a point, and before you know it, you begin to feel like you're just going through the motions.

When you or your would be groom are not too conventional, but you do want your wedding to be nice and trendy, it may be worth it to discuss ditching the princess gown and tux for something less traditional, especially for the men, cos we women, ah, we want that white/cream/even red gown, lol...

So some non-traditional ideas for men?

1. A different color suit than black and a cravat or bow tie. Vest and waistcoats are very trendy or you may ditch those for a cummerbund. And popping bright colors for the accessories will definitely make everyone more cheerful.

Chidi Mokeme and Wife

2. A stripped down version of any of the cultural Nigerian outfits. So a babanriga, buba and sokoto, Isiagu top, etc. I think Bobby brown got his look above from an Indian outfit. The one below looks great too.

3. Pick a them. You can give free rein to your imaginations. From beach bum look, to Micheal Jackson, to looking like the last king of scotland, it's your wedding, just have fun. :)

MumaGee and Husband

And I think that's what matters at the end of the day. Forget about what older people will say, parents will always be nostalgic and reminisce, but once the bride and groom love and support each other, I think their primary aim should be to make their partner happy.

What do you guys think? Did you go the non-traditional route with your wedding outfits, if you're already married, and if you're yet to plan your wedding, will you?