Ken Weds Barbie In True Yoruba-Nigerian Style

I was minding my business on Facebook a few days ago when I saw this image above. I was like, who is this fierce groom, and then I saw the title beside it, Black barbie and Ken's Nigerian Wedding. Of course I had to check it out. I was blown away by the full set of pictures which I got permission from the photographer, Obi Nwokedi, to share with you guys.

Obi Nwokedi is a London based photographer who photographs weddings, fashion, portraits, and occasionally, social events, concerts, and night life.

Obi says "I'm afraid, I don't have any emotional story about getting a camera as my 14th birthday present, or how my father before me was a photographer. I'm a regular IT analyst who a couple of years back, simply happened across some amazing photos online, and a passion was ignited. So after loads photography books, thousands of images shot, countless hours on photo forums, and several years later, here I am, using my God given talents to do what I simply love doing".

I have to say, he does it pretty well. Enjoy the Wedding Pictures of Barbie and Ken...

Get the hair done first

Update final details on your ipad

Gist with friends to settle your nerves

It's time to dress up

Best Friends Forever Aso-ebi

Yes I am ready

I'm going out to meet my man

The fierce groom

No matter how tough, he still has to bow

Reading the proposal for all to hear

I'm looking for my man, seen him?

There he is

And now I can rest awhile

Item 7, Rice and Stew Very Plenty

The entrance

Dance Dance Dance

Ken is digging it!

DJ is playing their song

Of course, money will be sprayed

We'll keep on having fun till we drop!

I really loved these pictures and I hope you did too. While the photoshoot is titled Nigerian wedding by the photographer, I think it is more of a Yoruba wedding. And what an amazing one too, the tiny accessories, the fashion and the style. And I've not even mentioned the photography, the attention to detail is awesome, the shots, the angles, the story-telling, everything.

Please visit Obi Nwokedi at his Website, see the complete Ken and Barbie Photoshoot at his Blog, and like him on Facebook.