Invisible Girl - Film Campaign Against Child Abuse

Invisible Girl is a non-commercial and online campaign short film (9minutes) narrative to reach out to young females especially for those who have once been or are currently victims of sexual violence or abuse. I recently finished Yejide Kilanko's new book, Daughters Who Walk This Path, and I was filled all over again with anger at adults who molest innocent children. I thought about how as a society, we really have to put up the means to protect our children before, and sometimes, after abuse happens.

Most of us (both victims and those who love them) are filled with shame and this invariable leads to silence (the proverbial sweeping under the carpet). But it really does help to speak out to stop the predators. And the victims may need to speak with someone who will believe them and can show support unconditionally. is marking their second year by producing and sharing this short advocacy film on sexual abuse against the girl child. "Labake is a young bright girl who wants to be like one of the famous leaders in the world. Soon she is sexually violated and her world comes crashing down. This video is dedicated to victims of sexual abuse/violence"

They began the online campaign series with a true life story from a victim followed by a video interview with musician Omawumi Megbele to encourage these children especially the young females. According to the editor of, the essence of the campaign is to;

reach out to wounded hearts and to encourage young girls to speak up instead of dying in silence. It is to spur parents to be on their feet and know that sexual abuse is real and can happen to any child, even right under one’s nose. The essence of this video is for us to realize that as a society its our collective responsibility to protect our children!

Their major campaign partner is MediaCon, a rape crisis center in Nigeria, with professional counselors and legal backing. You can call Mediacon’s confidential help lines: 08023331036, 08058207164, 08099522487 or email them at and