Hot Days and Cold Drinks - Original Zobo

The main pack

Some days are just so hot, you want a long drink to cool down with. I discovered Zobo while doing my youth service in Abuja and would always have an already prepared frozen pack during break periods in the school where I was a teacher. One of my pupil's mother made an awesome version with just a hint of spice and it made me go back for more every day.

You can imagine then that last year, when I heard that Zobo was being sold here in the US, I sent off immediately for an order. It arrived and there were several flavors, strawberry, lime, etc. They were all good but for me, none beat the original.

Individual satchets

A tall glass of cold zobo

So I ordered more of the original flavor, and a few days ago after unpacking from our DC trip, I mixed up one packet with water and ice, and went outside on the deck to chill out with a book.

I'm so glad we're back, I'm really loving the weather in our area since we returned, no rain, lots of sunshine but not too hot. I must confess, DC was just too hot for me, maybe I've gotten more used to this Seattle weather than I thought :)

So what's the weather like in your area, and what do you do to chill out?