Time Out - My Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures

With Monday being a work-free day for Memorial Day, it was a proper TGIF and a long weekend for us and we used it to unwind.

- On Saturday, we went to a friend's for a small get-together with great food, drinks, and very interesting company.

When did I last see Vita Malt? Not my favorite, though.

Loads of Naija music video including some new finds for me

New and old friends, awesome women!

The non-Nigerians were engrossed :)

- On Sunday, we went for a drive up a hill not too far from our place and the view at the top was worth it. Most of the houses in that area had wrap-around windows and you could see why. Then we found the perfect spot to take pictures. Atala has credit for that first pictures at the beginning of this post, I just love it.

No comment!

A street with a view

Simple serenity

Our city in the distance


I love swings, I do

In touch with my inner child

- On Monday, we chilled out at home and watched a marathon of the TV show, Revenge . We missed a couple of episodes cos we were out and then decided to watch SVU on the rest of the days. But after the mind-blowing season finale on Revenge, I think we may chuck SVU to second place come next season.

This is an amazing show, highly recommended.

And so it's back to the grind again. How did you spend your Memorial Day? And for those in Nigeria, what are your plans for Democracy Day?