Dear Myne, He Lost Interest in me since getting on Facebook

Hi Myne, we've been married for going on two years now and most things have been ok. i mean we quarell sometimes like a normal couple but we have a way to soon get back again. but recently, my husband joined facebook and things have not been the same anymore. it's like he spends all his free time on there and completely neglects me.

i blame myself now because i was the one already on facebook and i asked him to join soon after we got married. back then, he rarely updates his page, but now, he's online all the time. he's also on nairaland but am more worried about facebook because it's like he's chatting to someone there.

for more than three months now, he has showed no interest in having sex with me, and i had to initiate the two times we made love since then. we don't talk like we used to talk before all this. when i try to talk to him or engage him in a conversation, he only makes some noises. if he doesn't say hmm, he replies ok or true, true. all the time he's saying this, he is typing on facebook or nairaland. am sure he's not really listening to me.

for the last two weeks, he now sleeps in our living room, and when i wake up early as four in the morning, he's still awake chatting. the straw that broke the camels back and made me lash out to him and we had a major fight yesterday is that i discovered that he has blocked me from his facebook page.

can anyone please explain what could be causing all this. facebook cannot be the only no reason for this change in behavior. i have done nothing to him, and he insists during our quarell yesterday that there's no other woman. am just tired, i was trying to get pregnant before all this but i don't know if its worth it and how long this marriage will survive after this.

he agreed we will watch tv and talk more and true, we're sitting in front of the tv but none of us is watching. he's gone back to chatting on facebook and i really don;t want to start nagging him. my mind is not even in all this anymore and i had to walk away to type this on my phone . i don't want to have a broken marriage but i also cant think of how to get my husband back to how we used to be.