Going Down Memory Lane - TV Throwback

First of all, thank you all so much to those who read and commented on the last post. With such love from you guys, I'll be doing more personal posts like that. :)

For today, I want to take you back to those good old days of naija in the eighties. Yeah, I know, my age is showing now, I'll pull it up soon, lol... I saw this picture of Rita Dominic on a movie set and it took me down memory lane, straight into the parlour of our Enugu flat.

That TV in the left corner, I can almost swear that was the exact same model we had back then. Ours was a Sanyo, I think, and you could draw the front together and lock. And lock it my parents did sometimes. But I think we figured out a way around that, don't quote me please.

We also had a stereo - the turntable type that played vinyl LPs on top of the TV, and I think our electronic radio was on top of that at one time or the other. On the side with the transistor, we had some albums and stuff. I have a sort of flaky memory but pictures help a lot, and that is what this picture did for me.

Another thing was that we spent hours of our lives in front of that TV. I loved watching TV. Who remembers waiting around for NTA to resume their weekdays service, I think it was 4pm or so. The TV would gradually turn from gray static to coloured stripes and a very loud humming sound. We would sit around listening to that till the national anthem came on or an announcer sometimes.

Then I remember the Saturday morning breakfast television that was typically for children. In those days it was mostly sponsored by Cadbury, makers of many goodies we enjoyed in those days. in the cartoon category, there was Power Rangers, Voltron, Super Ted, Danger Mouse and many others. And then there were the children we saw on TV and wished to be like them, on shows like Speak Out, School Quiz, Debate competitions, Tales by Moonlight, etc. Thinking of all those TV shows now, I wonder that I had time to read all the books I did and still go to school and do my housechores, lol...

Anyay, as TV changed from Black and White and Sepia, my parents allowed us to watch some evening programming as we got a bit older, so I remember the Nigerian Soaps - New Masquerade, Behind the Clouds, Checkmate. Let's not forget the Mexican Telenovellas, The Rich Also Cry, and the one before it. When they were not around, we even watched Hammer House of Horror and Night of the Living Dead. We stayed up half the night scaring ourselves and then we couldn't sleep, SMH.

Hey, if I continue recounting the shows I watched on that TV, I won't finish today o. But you guys can go ahead and revisit your own wonder years, tell me about your favorite TV throwbacks.