From Friends to Lovers, What's your Take?

I've always thought this was an interesting angle to relationships, right from when I first read about them in romance novels. You see these two people who have been friends since high school, and who have been leading separate romantic lives for years suddenly or gradually develop feelings for each other. If they're lucky as is usually the case in these books, the feelings are mutual.

One thing I like about the idea of being friends before lovers is that it gives the two people involved the opportunity to get to know each other with less of the pretense people put forward due to instant romantic attraction that leads quickly to a relationship. Also, the best long-term relationships are those where the couple are friends in addition to lovers, where the couple will be able to spend long periods together without getting on each other's nerves.

The BFF couple can talk about one thing and everything and get along perfectly well without taking themselves too seriously. Kim Kardasian and Kanye West seem to be one such couple, or want to be, if they can.
Kim Kardashian - I've said it before: Kanye and I have been friends for years. You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. Source
Kanye West in Theraflu - And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim/‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him/Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing/
To be honest I've not really had these two on my radar. I knew Kanye West from "I'ma let you finish" and Amber Rose, and Kim Kardashian from just before her highly promoted 72-days marriage. Through the press around these events, I've come across the rumors of a previous one-night stand between them, other meet-ups and then the fun pictures I saw of both of them at the Paris fashion Week where Kanye was showing some designs. And now they're dating.

The fact that a lot of romantic relationships start off as friendships is one reason many people believe that men and women could never just have a purely platonic friendship. Unless two friends of the opposite sex consider each other "brothers" and "sisters", or they don't usually see things through a common perspective, it is highly likely that they're secretly lusting after each other. If it's not happening yet, just give it time. When two people spend good, quality time together, more often than not, physical attraction follows.

The awkward bit for me is when the friendship also involves one or both of the two parties watching as the other gushes over new boyfriends or girlfriends, or even hearing details of how sex went down between them. It's not bad for your partner to know about your sexual history, mind you, but knowing that they know the intimate details is just a bit awkward, for me anyway.

So what's your take? Is it worth the risk to move from friends to lovers?

PS - I only use celebrities as illustrations for these relationship scenarios which are real to most of us. Please do not get caught up in bashing them or their private lifestyles.