Forget Me Not - Love Potions in this Day and Age

Call it Echezonam, literally "Don't forget me", or Love Jazz or Juju, love potions are a way to sneakily get the emotions and attention of someone else. And it was usually women doing the jazzing to get a man to love them. Is it that men are not worried about getting women's attention?

Anyway, right from when I was younger, we heard stories of how women would prepare the man's favorite meal with some extra-curricular ingredients thrown in, hair, nails, blood or worse. Nowadays, I hear people prefer to have the babalawo do some incantations, or the pastor will just pray for them or give them blessed oil or handkerchief to use on the hapless victim.

So why am I talking about love potions? It seems I see it everywhere these days.

Grimm on NBC is one of the TV shows I have been watching steadily since it began to run last October, and I've been enjoying their retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytales and some originals too. Last Friday, there was a subplot where a lady has to get a guy to love her. Since time is short and the guy had previously decided he wasn't interested in said lady, she chooses to go the love potion route, and bakes him a cookie.

The tasty chocolate chip cookie has has her blood and whatnot mixed in, and when the guy ate it, he starts seeing the lady everywhere, including his dreams. You can be sure that by the next episode or so, the man will be eating out of her hands.

In the movie preview of Mirror, Mirror (another fairytale retelling), Julia Roberts gets a man wrapped around her little finger by adding some kind of potion to his drink. When the man becomes too exuberant in his affections, she finds out she had given him puppy love and sends him off after a stick.

These examples got me thinking. Do women really use love jazz on men? What is going through their mind as they choose that option? The stories I've heard never end well, not for the man who either goes mad, or becomes a zombie, or for the woman, who is probably indebted to the love potion purveyor for ever. And especially in this day and age. Is there any justification for love potion?