Fighting Chronic Diseases in Nigeria - Ebele Mogo

Ebele Mogo is a reader of this blog who lives and works in Alberta, Canada. She also loves writing and two of her poems have been published in Sentinel Nigeria. Ebele is also the founding President of Engage Africa Foundation, a non-profit focused in health development.

Ebele is the only Nigerian contestant applying for a grant called Canada's Rising Stars, a program aimed at rewarding the creativity and skills of promising Canadian innovators' efforts in solving chronic health crisis in 3rd world which she is . The grant, if she wins, will financially support her to raise awareness of chronic diseases and advocate for health conscious policies in Nigeria and the rest of Sub-saharan Africa.

To do this, she needs as many people as possible to create an account on the website and give her video a thumbsup. The more thumbsups she gets, the more likely she is to be considered for this grant. I hope you can all help her by going to the site, registering, and voting for her.

You can also share this on your social media, facebook, twitter, etc and ask others to vote and pass it around as well. Ebele Mogo wouldn't like to miss this opportunity to have the funds and support that would enable her to help tackle such diseases as diabetes, heart attack and hypertension in Nigeria.

Thank you so so much. Here is the link to the video