Dear Myne - My Parents Rejected Him because of Tribe

Hi Myne, I met the BF online, not online per say because we share a mutual friend. He saw my picture on this mutual’ friend of ours profile on facebook who happens to be my best friend and also his own best friend’s GF. He asked of my number and she gave him. We started talking, instant messaging, skyping and all that. He never asked me out until we became so close and I couldn’t say no. He was so sweet, loving and caring. This happened when he was still in turkey for his masters, that was in 2010.

I can’t remember him asking me out properly but I know we just clicked and before I could know it he confessed his love for me. Anyway he completed his masters and went back home January 2011, we made plans on meeting coz I thot I was going to be home by then, unfortunately I didn’t make it to naija that period, so we couldn’t meet until last December when I went back.

So we finally met and we were okay with each other coz we’ve been scared maybe when we get to meet we might see something we don’t like and change our minds. The slight problem is that we are from different tribes and right from day one I knew it was going to be a problem from my side but that still didn’t stop me to carry on with the relationship. I’ve used style so many times to ask him if the tribe matters from his side but he said no his parents do not have a problem with it and I also used style to let him know I might get a problem with it from my own side.

My mum didn’t fail to tell me that she doesn’t think my dad will agree with this when I told her about BF, well I wasn’t surprised coz I expected it. My dad heard about it and said no, I should leave that boy. But I didn’t take what they were saying serious because I just believed what is meant to be will be plus I can’t just tell him my parents don’t like him, its just one kind.

I tried my best to change their mind during my trip but at the end, my parents still refused to accept the BF because of the so called "tribalism". Its been a month now, I've been so down and know the whole break-up thing isn't easy. I asked the BF if we could give it another chance but he thinks I better go with what my parents say, they know what is good and best for me. I'm beginning to recover because I feel he backed out so easily he didnt even try again but I kinda don't blame him maybe he's still hurting.

Its annoying when one is rejected because of where he comes from. It was very hard for me to tell him and I feel I've broken his heart. I feel so guilty. I'm not even ready to move on, I don't feel I'm going to meet someone as good as him....