The Marriage Avowal Series - Obiora “Obiwon” Agu: Unconditional Sacrifice


I was wondering if I should start with an introduction post for the series, but I decided to cut right to it with my first guest. The marriage vow series will comprise of guest posts by married people around blogsville and beyond. They will tell us how they met and answer a few questions on their marriage. This time around, I didn't want to ask them to write an essay so the posts were done interview style.

First up is Obiora Agu, more widely known as Obiwon, a singer and musician in Nigeria. His latest single is titled Good to me and it is a gospel song. I have to confess here that I absolutely love his track Obimuo (My Heart), a song dedicated to one's sweetheart. I guess from what he reveals below, that song may have been written with his spanking new bride of three months in mind. Enjoy his marriage avowals below;

How did you meet your wife?

“In July 2007 while I was still working in the banking industry, I attended a client’s wedding but I got there so late and most of the guests had left the reception. I basically wanted to ask someone where the groom was, say hi to him and then leace. I saw my future wife from a distance and decided I wouldn’t ask anyone else but her!

She took me to the groom and coincidentally, the bride was her sister. After exchanging pleasantries with the groom, I was still curious and asked him to call Nkechi so I could thank her. The groom sensing something else quickly walked away when she came. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked to cram her phone number so no one would see us exchanging digits. After that, we exchanged texts constantly for the next few days. 3 days later, we met up as I had some business around her area of residence. That day, I told her I wanted to marry her and start to know her better as a result. She was surprised and eventually I had to wait for four years."

So how long have you been married?
3 months.

How did you propose?
Told her first about 3 days after we met and kept talking about it throughout our 4-year courtship; proposed formally on my knees with a ring in April of last year.

What is your favorite part about being married to your wife?
I think I'm more organized, planned, focused, prudent and encouraged. She's my best friend so there's a lot of laughter and fun.

What is the hardest part about being married?
Adjusting to not really having 'personal space' at my own convenience. I lived alone without any housemate for years but we're both learning and adjusting.

What do you think is the “key” to a successful marriage?
Unconditional sacrifice in all aspects, understanding and being there for your partner in all conditions. I believe that's what love is about.