My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 13 - What I'm eating

This will be a short report since it's not been so long since I updated. Not much has been happening but after our grocery shopping this last weekend, I've been able to switch up my meals and I'm loving it. There was this particular recipe in the booklet that was new to me and which I wanted to try. Except in the occasional Greek lasagna, and the usual fried, scrambled and boiled eggs or omelette, I hardly ever use eggs in cooking. So Huevos Rancheros sounded like just the thing.

It was a simple enough recipe; with a little olive oil, stew some onions, tomatoes, chili, and bell peppers together for about 20mins. Spice to taste as you cook and then pour everything into an oven dish. Make holes in the stewed vegetables and crack in your eggs (you can use only egg whites too). Preheat oven to 350F and bake for 15 minutes. It turned out awesome and has a place firmly in my repertoire of dishes.



In other news, how come I've just discovered Cantaloupe? This is one great fruit. So, I'm quite conservative when it comes to fruits, I have my favorites like Bananas, oranges pawpaws, cherries, pears, watermelons, strawberries, grapes and sometimes apples. Mostly Bananas to be honest. But since I've basically cut out Bananas from my diet in the meantime, I have to be more open. That was why I added Cantaloupe and Pomelo to our fruit list.

Well, if your taste is anything like mine, and you enjoy sweet and juicy with a bit of crunch, you'll definitely like cantaloupe. I cut up one on Monday morning and we just finished it, absolutely fantastic. The Pomelo grapefruit? Maybe not so much. I think I'll stick with lemons and oranges on that one. :)