My Best Superbowl Commercials - Couple Love

I confess, I do not follow American football, nor do I watch the superbowl, but since moving to the US, I've gone from complete ignorance, to at least knowing what it's all about. And the major thing I like about the whole media blitz that comes along with the finals is the ad segment. Some of the commercials can be so good. As usual, I've just watched most of them, the good and the bad, and below are my favorites. They are about love and relationships :)

Adriana Lima says in the Teleflora Super Bowl Ad - "Guys, Valentine's Day is not so complicated. Give, and you shall receive." What do you think? True or False?

In the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Super Bowl 2012 Commercial - "The Tease", a woman headbutts her sneaky partner. I don't think I would do that, especially if he looked like John Stamos. (I feel in love with him as a preteen watching back episodes of Full House)

The 2012 Kia Optima ad "A Dream Car. For Real Life" made me go, Awwww...  A man goes past all the objects of his dreams to rescue his damsel in distress. Cute!

Other ads worth mentioning include the Audi vampire party, Dog with Running shoes, Matthew Broderick Honda, Coca-cola polar bears, Seinfeld Acura, Clint Eastwood Halftime, The Doritos briber dog, The Chevrolet graduation, VW Keep fit dog, and Baby Bungee.

I didn't really like the naked woman focus of the Godaddy .co ad, is that like an adult url? And Jillian from the Biggest Loser was in it? Hmm...