Introducing the LagosMums website

Lagos Mums is an online parenting community for mothers and parents. We are dedicated to helping the typical Lagos Mum find answers to a questions, meet other mums, share ideas, advice and experiences, get information on education and events in the city and equip each other with information on the ever evolving task of motherhood. We also use it as a forum to encourage women owned businesses.

We believe that this would not only be a platform where you can share your thoughts about being a Mum but a place where we can all help each other to be better people; a place where we can survive in the city of Lagos as mums a bit more easily. 
However, being a Lagos Mum is not bound by location. Many Lagos Mums are in other parts of the world but at heart; their feet are grounded in Lagos. Whether you are in Nigeria, USA, Australia, China or the UK, the challenges or motherhood remain similar.

Welcome to Lagos Mums, the website and the movement. Join this trip. Bring a friend. Sign up. Post a comment in the Discussion Forum. It is a chain. One woman helping another. Help us spread the news. Write “I am a Lagos Mum” on your Facebook page, as your BB status, Follow us on Twitter.

Be a LagosMum!

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