My Bouari Weight Loss Experience - Day 4

If you haven't, please read my Day 1 post for starters.

What's my report? It's been good so far. I started the first two days, known as the fat load days, with slightly larger portions of what I would usually eat. For breakfast, I had a couple of slices of toast and omelette (2 egss). I had jam on the toast, with some grapes and oranges and a cup of hot chocolate. BTW, forgive my food photography skills, I will try to improve. So why did I have to eat so much, you ask?


It is part of the Bouari Protocol where binge eating the first two days works with the advantage spray to enable my body access abnormal fat deposits once I enter the low calorie days. The spray is the bedrock of the diet and has enzymes that make the body use fats stored for the rainy day in day to day metabolism. This combines with the intake after the first two days to ensure the dieter is getting enough energy all the time. So for lunch, I had potatoes boiled in their skin with stir-fried mushroom topped by alfredo spinach sauce. The chicken was the extra.

After a similar meal plan the next day, I felt charged to go into my diet. Surprisingly, the two days binge did not increase my weight, instead I was down to 150lbs by Day 3. It's been two days of my low calorie routine and I'm still feeling fine. My breakfast is usually some fruit and a cup of 2% low fat milk. The meal plan allows me three main meals and three snacks, however, I was used to my regular two main meals and two snacks and thought I would be able to stick to it.

What I discovered on Day 3 was that I was hungry by the time lunch rolled around. So I had my main meal around 4.30pm and then had a snack of crackers and juice by dinner time. That meant I could not have dinner together with Atala as is our way and I missed that. It was only later at night as I was filling in my planner that I realized I had forgotten to take the Energy and Appetite support.

So there are three supplements that come with the diet, the Advantage spray, Vitamin B12 drops and what I think are regular diet pills to support energy and suppress appetite. I took them on Day 4 and I was able to follow my usual meal pattern, breakfast - snack - dinner - snack. There has been no headaches, dizziness or any other adverse effects I can see. My weight at the end of the day was 148 pounds. I have to say I'm happy with that. I've never really done a "diet" diet so I have nothing to compare it with, but I do feel lighter and have also lost one inch around my waist, yippee :)

Well, the diet continues. I will update you again on Wednesday.