My Bouari Weight Loss Experience - Day 1

Yesterday, I went to the newly opened Bouari Clinic in my area to meet with a health consultant and my contact on the corporate side. You see, I had been accepted to blog about their weight loss programme in exchange for taking part in it. The program normally costs $599 per month, but in exchange for blogging about my experience with it, I will receive all the supplements and unlimited support for free. I have done some research myself and I don't think these supplements are harmful in any way. There are mixed reviews online but in this case, I want to find out myself. This is the official blurb;

Bouari Clinic offers a diet program that is based on endocrine system support through FDA registered supplements (vitamins, minerals and homeopathic preparations) that make your system very receptive to weight loss. The supplements also support energy and depress hunger. The dieter then eats a carefully prescribed program of low glycemic proteins, vegetables and fruits that are low in fat.
After speaking with the consultant yesterday, I am sure I took the right step. As some of you may know from my post on the Relationship 15 and Now that we're in 2012, I have been wanting to lose some weight. My current weight is 154 pounds, up from 135 just before my marriage. It was hovering around 150 most of last year but now all that rest and enjoyment over Christmas have added their bit. My problem is that though I exercise regularly and eat moderately, I don't seem to lose weight. All that seems to achieve is that I only add weight sloooowly, #notwhatIwant.

My goal is to lose that 15-20 pounds in this 30-days programme and then I can use the tips I learn to keep them off. I'm very impressed at the support that is being offered through Bouari, the clinic incidentally is just 10mins away from my house, and I believe it will make a lot of difference for me. For many people, losing weight is about looking good, for me I think I look OK at my weight. However, my BMI is not so good, and I also have a family history of type 2 diabetes, which means I have to be extra careful.

I understand that a lot of hard work will be required from me, but Atala is very encouraging. I'm excited and looking forward to positive changes in my weight and health. Come with me on this journey, as I'll be sharing my progress with you twice a week. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. If you're losing weight too and want to share tips, please email