I'm really scared for Nigeria - Multiple Bomb Blasts in Kano?

What is really going on in Nigeria? Somebody said on my TL that Boko Haram {alleged to be responsible for the blasts} is certainly not working for Islam. And I totally agree. This is more like political terrorism. It's unfortunate that the Government wasted 2 weeks on an ill-thought out reform on the oil sector that had the masses up in arms. Not only were the government ministers and the police distracted, the president equally channeled military resources unnecessarily to Lagos, a perfectly peaceful city. All these while several northern states were still in a state of emergency.

Now Kano, the biggest state in the north, and whose capital city is the economic center has been overtaken. And what a manner of declaring their stand. 20 bomb blasts going off simultaneously in different parts of the city, with security agencies being the main target. The Inspector General's residence and that of the Assistant IG are reported bombed as are several Police stations and an Immigration office. In some places, the attacks are by suicide bombing, while in a few places, the assailants engaged the police in gun battles.

This sounds like a movie, right? But it's not! It's not Hollywood or Nollywood, and that's why it's so scary. Innocent people are dieing for nothing! Because if indeed Boko Haram is behind this, what are they asking for? Sharia? Most Northern states already use that law. Surely they do not want to force it down the throat of the rest of us? That is why I believe this is political. Some people want to make the country ungovernable, some actually threatened it after the last elections. But I ask, at what cost?

President Jonathan mentioned recently that terrorists had infiltrated several aspects of government and recent events seem to bear him out. A suspected Boko Haram member was arrested, but escaped due to the supposed negligence of a Commissioner of Police. With a 24hours ultimatum of a job sack over his head, the IG started playing Kalo Kalo with the media. He has been found, no he has not, catch him and get a N50Million reward. Has the IG been sacked yet? Your guess is as good as  mine. What a joke!

I've always suspected that the security agencies in Nigeria are all a joke, there to massage the ego of some top brass. And of course, the SSS is good to round up those who speak out against the government or any of its policies. SMH. How can 20 explosions be planned and no one knew anything? I hear BH is circulating pamphlets in Kano of more blasts to come. Is this a retaliation for their arrested members? What intelligence does the SSS and Police have on what is currently going on?

My final question is, What is the government doing?