How to ensure other bloggers can follow you back

Hi everyone, hope the new week has started well?

Today, I'm sharing a blogging tip. This it is something I had come across quite a number of times and never knew how to get in touch with those involved to let them know. You see, new people join my blog regularly and most times, I want to check out their own blogs and see if I want to follow back. What I usually do is to click on their profile picture in my followers box and follow their linked blog back to them. While the curious part of me wonders why some people have locked profiles, I just assume they do not have a blog most likely.

But I'm really frustrated when the follower is not linked to any blog at all. If it so happens that they've allowed to receive mail from blogger, I'll send them a welcome and thank you message. Depending on how much time I have then, I might also check out the recent blogs the person has joined to try to track them. One thing that makes it easier is when they leave a comment, either on my blog, or on one of the other ones. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury of time, or the follower just doesn't leave any crumbs for me to follow.

So, when Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time blogged about this, I knew I had to share. There is a way for you to make sure that the blogs you follow have an easy way of following you back by clicking on your picture on their followers gadget.

Here’s how you verify:

Go to your blog and under your About Me, click “View My Complete Profile.” Either action will bring up your Blogger Profile, as others see it. Under the heading “My Blogs", is your blog listed?

If the answer is no,

- Click “Edit Profile” on left margin, under your profile picture.
- On the page that comes up, check under the “Privacy” option to find “Show My Blogs.”
- Click “Select Blogs to Display.” (You may have other private blogs that you don’t want others to see, so remember to choose the blog you wish to display.)
- Save your changes.

It’s important to realize that Blogger doesn’t always default to linking your blog on your profile. It’s a great idea to verify that your blog is linked, so people can follow you back.