Weekend Pictures - Some thoughts from FaceBook

So Facebook recently seem to have put more weight in pictures and nowadays, I find my timeline strewn with some of these nuggets among others. Hope you like them too...
Wise words and yes, you are beautiful. Remember, there's sunshine after every storm. Sometimes, we actually need the rain to wash stuff away so we can see clearly. 

So not only is there Plan B, there's plan C all the way to Z. Pretty cool way of saying, keep trying. Perseverance sure works. Reminds me of Aaliyah's Try again. If at first you don't succeed...
True words. You'll be surprised how much of your life, including your attitude in most things, is determined by the people around you. Be careful who you choose as friends and confidantes. 
 This is an interesting one, you may need to enlarge to read. Makes you think. I'm a fan of FB and all, but sometimes, I wonder. Is there a catch? When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Funny, this one. I wrote a short story for it on Naijastories.com

“Wait for them,” Biodun told the driver of the airconditioned jeep, his feet jiggling to thoughts of where he wished to be, in the hotel room he’d booked for their first night together. Remi was taking the last of the photographs in the now empty grounds of church as most of the people who attended their wedding had moved on to the reception hall.
“Soon darling,” she mouthed as she finally got in her own jeep and closed the door.
Biodun wondered what had possessed him to agree to separate vehicles to the reception, even the few minutes apart would be agony. He wound down his window and motioned Remi to do the same. While she was still at it, he wiggled out of the space toward her. He just had to have a kiss.
Do you have your own theory? Please share. Enjoy fall and do have a lovely weekend. Mwah!